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PS3 Downloadable Demos |

A little while ago I learned that the PS3 will have MotorStorm as a downloadable demo. (Sorry for not sharing – I really meant to!) Now it’s come to light that Resistance: Fall of Man will also be a downloadable demo on day one. Cool, huh?

Details are a little sketchy right now, but it looks like there will be three levels to sample.

But if you want to hear more about one person’s experiences playing the game, you can go over to Kotaku (usually a site that is a bit harder than this on the PS3) and check out some gameplay experiences.

Resistance: Hands-On

  • That’s cool, I’m hoping for demos of rainbow 6 and fear as well.

  • And F1!

  • Sweet deal i hope i can download demos say while im playing a game offline !!! that would be kool !!!

  • Indeed. That was something that Microsoft’s Xbox Live didn’t offer at first, but that a later fix added. Hopefully PS3 gamers get the same thing.

  • This is great! It may mean that I buy no game on day one, take the system home, play the demos, and come back and get them if I find I like the demos. I doubt the ps3 supports background downloads from the beginning.