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PS3 Launch Spending |

It’s coming like a freight train. The PS3’s launch is November 17th, and all of us PS3 fans are taking stock of our finances and our gaming rooms, to determine what kind of changes might be required. So this post is just a little question to ask what you will all be getting on launch day, before launch day, and after launch day, all for the PS3. Cables? HDTV? Games? Movies? What?

Here’s what I will be getting.

PS3 (of course) $600
Resistance $60
NFS Carbon $60
Marvel Ultimate Alliance $60
CoD3 $60
3 controllers $150
The Transporter $30

I won’t need any additional cables because I already have both component video cables (for my PS2) and an HDMI/DVI cable (that I was going to use for my HD PVR but decided not to). I already have a nice HDTV and a good surround sound system (both of which could always use improvement, but that’s another story).

So that makes a grand total of $1020. Whew! Good thing I’ve been saving up for quite some time!

  • Steve

    Me? I will be getting:

    PS3 60GB: $600
    Untold Legends: $60
    One Controller (for now): $60
    Best Buy Warranty: $80ish (launch consoles can be buggy…)

    So about $800 right off the bat. I will eventually get probably 2 more controllers, and Resistance, but I’m gonna try out games on GameFly before I buy them.

  • PS3 60GB: $600
    Ridge Racer: $60
    Resistance: Fall of Man: $60
    Rainbow Six Vegas: $60
    Full Auto 2: $60
    PS3 Gamespot Warranty: $60 (I think)
    Extra SIXAXIS: $50
    Memory Card Adapter: $15
    HDMI Cable and Optical Cable: Not sure on price yet.

    Having PS3 launch day PRICELESS!

  • Right, I forgot about the memory card adapter. I’m just hoping that because both the PS2 and PS3 can talk to the PS3, I can transfer my savegames using my PSP.

  • If you can get one, that is 😀

    Not to be mean, but I want one TOO!!!!

  • I’m also getting a 46″ Sony Bravia XBR3 & Onkyo 7.1 Home Theater System to go with my Sony PLAYSTATION 3 😀

  • Trevor

    PS3 60GB $600
    NBA 2K7 $60
    Untold Legends $60
    Extra controller $50
    HDMI cables $50
    Sony 50″ XBR 1080p rear projection tv $2000
    Blu-Ray movies $200

    So I’m looking at about just over $3000…bring it on!!

  • You can spend a LOT less than that on good HDMI cables. Personally, I got a good quality DVI – HDMI cable at Monoprice for $10 or so. Hmm. I guess I should make a post about that soon, huh?

  • Ya, make a post about HDMI and optical cables 🙂 And where to get a cheap quality cables.

  • Pc

    No fair guys !!! I’m only able to get to system itself and Resistance(probably the $499 package)……I wish i could get a new HDTV and a couple more games 🙁

  • ElectricTT

    Playstation 3: $630 includes shipping from website I preordered it
    (Maybe) Extra Controller: $50
    PS2 Component Cables: $15 – don’t feel like spending 40 or 50 bucks for exclusive Sony PS3 ones
    Resistance: Fall of Man – $60
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – $60

    Total – $815

  • PS3- 599$.
    Resistance-F.O.M.- 49.99$
    PS2-PS3 converter- 14.99$
    Online Service- FREE!
    Playing Resistance online for countless hours- Priceless.

    all total is 665$.

  • The Dude

    fry’s electronics has HDMI Cable for cheap

    I’m getting

    PS3 – 600
    Samsung 32″ LCD – 1500
    HDMI – 15
    Resistance – 60

    So a llittle over 2g’s for me! Plus i’m getting the Wii also.

  • You guys have too much money >.> I’ll be lucky if I can still get 2 games at launch or just choose between resistance and genji.

    I guess all that gripe about the PS3 being overpriced was over blown.

  • luke

    have you guys ever heard of tax lol

  • I will probably only get one game, simply because no one ever remembers a launch title as one of their favorite games on a console. Are any of you 360 owners ranking Perfect Dark Zero on your current best 360 games list? I dont think so. Anyone highly ranking Fantavision as one of their PS2 faves? Nope. Launch games are rarely all that great; however many of the ps3 titles set to come out this year look promising. I will probably just buy resistance or Motorstorm to tide me over until the next wave of games comes along.

  • matt

    You don’t need the Card Reader with the 60gb PS3 to the 2-3 people above!

    Why would you guys wait to buy your HDTVs??? Go get them now!

    I am not buying a PS3 at the launch prices. It just isn’t worth it right now (sorry everyone). After the 1-2 price drops I need to justify a PS3, I will need another controller and that is it. What games I will buy depend on what is out at the time. Their will be some good games when I get my PS3 (what I am waiting for).

    To all the HDTV owners, this will be an amazing time for you. The Dude, you should really buy a larger HDTV. My father has a 32″ and wishes he went larger. It is just too small unless you are sitting very close (4′-5′)

  • Knighthawk

    Trevor said he will be getting a Sony 50″ XBR 1080p rear projection tv for $2000! Dude my 60′ Sony Grand Wega cost me $3600 over a year ago, and still retails for $3999. (I got a good deal) My Tv does 720P/1080I, a 46″ 1080P Bravia was quite a bit more at the same time I bought my TV. How the hell are you getting a 50″ for that price? Either you have great connections, or you are dreaming! Perhaps you meant 37″ to 40″ ? Anyways have my PS3 pre-ordered with Resistance and Call of Duty 3. I’m from Canada so PS3 is $659 here, games are about $69, and sales tax is 15%. Ouch!