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Sony Still not Sure about Shipping |

Usually when rumours like this come out, I just wait a couple days for the rumour to be rebuffed, and then I mention that the rumour is indeed false. That hasn’t happened with this one, so here I am, a couple days late, reporting that maybe North America won’t be seeing all those 400,000 units that Sony last promised.

Speaking to Bloomberg, SCEA co-chair Jack Tretton admitted that the launch figures, which some see as already relatively low, are not a given. “The honest answer is it’s more of a target,” he said. “Clearly we’ve had production issues.”

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound promising. They’ve only just started mass producing the PS3, and now we get news like this. Not a promising tidbit of information there. Ah well. I guess I’ll have to rest in the fact that I’m first on my PS3’s pre-order list, and hope that that’s enough to get me one.

Sony Uncertain of PS3 Shipment Targets

[Edit: See comments for clarification. I think I didn’t quite understand what Mr. Tretton was referring to.]

  • That’s kinda scary, I hope they come close to the 400,00 at least.

  • I think you meant 400,000 ?

  • Ya, lol. It was early in the morning.

  • mcloki

    Nothing like the threat of a shortage to garner free press for the PS3. This way Newspapers feed off of it. Business articles talk about it. School kids talk about waiting in line. The internet goes bananas over it. It’s all part o the hype machine.

  • Tom

    I’m not sure if this is based on any new info. I think Tretton is just re-iterating what’s been said already, but we will find out soon enough.

  • It becomes part of the hype, sure, but not on purpose. I think Sony’d rather sell an additional million PS3’s rather than have this level of attention. They’ve had enough bad press.

  • agent864

    I hope to get one before the year’s out but I’ve not preordered. I’m counting on store stalking a few places at delivery times, hoping that stock will continue to trickle in post launch.

  • I dont think their supply issues will be as bad as it seems. It may not be 400,000, but i doubt it will be far off. I mean, when companies say they are shipping 300,000 of something, rarely, if ever, is it that actual number, it may be a little more, or less. I plan on getting one either by standing in a launch line, or waiting for a post launch shipment (which fewer people will be lining up for).

  • I hope it still launches over here sometime in March. If it doesn’t then I’ll just have to wait until it’s finally released.

    And cast jealous glances over at Henning and his shiny PS3. 😈

  • Yet another site with a misquote. That line from Tretton talking to Bloomberg was talking about the end of year numbers, not the first day numbers. here’s the part of the story that was taken from:

    Sony plans to ship two million PlayStation 3 players this year to the U.S. and Japan, and six million worldwide by March. The Tokyo-based company said yesterday annual profit would fall 35 percent to its lowest in five years on price cuts of the console in Japan and a recall of 9.6 million computer batteries.

    “The honest answer is it’s more of a target” for PlayStation 3 shipments, Jack Tretton, co-chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment America, said yesterday in an interview. “Clearly we’ve had production issues.”

    They are clearly talking the end-of-year target.

  • Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve edited the article.

  • matt

    Either way they are going to have problems. I would think that walking into a store and buying one is going to be difficult for a long time. I can’t see them ramping up their production to full for 3-4 months. If they run into part shortages those numbers could really drop (the huge reason for the 360 shortage).

    I am glad I am sitting this one out. I can’t be bothered going through all that crap again!