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PSM3 Mag Demonstrates PS3 |

Didn’t these guys get a PS3 already? They got a new PS3 test unit and have some pretty detailed videos. This one is a very nice tutorial of the physical system. It shows walkthroughs of what it’s like to boot up the system and turn it off, and use the wireless controller. It’s strange, but this minutae is actually quite interesting.

I really like what I see thus far. Everything seems very well designed and put together. I can’t wait to try this stuff out in person.

See PSM3’s PS3 in action! Movies here!

  • Pc

    Seems as if everything the system does is pretty quick, alot faster than the 360. The system started up quickly…..the controller also connected very quick and the BD-ROM didnt take long to start up either. I love it !!!!

  • That’s just made me want a PS3 even more!! 😥

    Very slick. It will be weird not having to actually press a button to eject/turn on/off on your PS3.

    So used to having physical buttons to press.

  • I love the fact that you can turn it off via controller. I hope they have more videos today.

  • In their menu video, it showed that the ps3 has mouse support. I supose that is to be used with linux. or perhaps games that want to use it. I heard Ted Price once say in an interview that they didnt support the mouse because it would give pc style gamers an unfair advantages in already having a familiar control scheme.

  • The keyboard and mouse can be used for the internet browser as well.

  • Luke

    Do you think a console will ever hold, say 5, disc at one time? I would like that feature.