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6 Million Twice Over |

First, there’s news that Microsoft has announced that it has sold 6 million Xbox 360’s to gamers. In July Microsoft said that it had sold 5 million, so they’re up a million since July – not bad!

Microsoft says has sold 6 million Xbox 360s

Second, with all those rumours going around (that I personally reported on too) about their lack of manufacturing ability, Sony said that they are still on track to make 6 million PS3’s by the end of March.

Sony Reasserts PS3 Shipment Targets

  • Dingo

    It’s SHIPPED, not sold.

  • PJ

    Dingo, it is actually SOLD, not shipped. See the official MS press release here: Also, see another confirmation of that along with some more detail here:

    And in case you think MS is lying or something, remember that this goes out to shareholders. This is not fanboy propoganda that they are putting out. This is to give earnings guidance to the financial community. This is something companies legally have to take very seriously. For instance, do you think Sony wanted to tell the world that it was going to ship 3 milllion fewer PSP’s than it previously reported? No, but Sony had to give guidance to its investors and the financial community.

    Alright, enough spouting off for me…

  • jvm

    Sorry, but “sold” means sold to retailers/distributors, not sold to consumers. This is pretty well established for Microsoft, and, as I recall also for Sony. I believe Nintendo uses a different wording that means something different. Shareholders are aware of what it means, as I understand it.

  • matt

    Depends on the company. Sony and Microsoft both use shipped numbers. Nintendo only uses sold to consumer numbers. Either way 6 million units is a lot of units in under a year. They should get have a lot more by X-mas. I hope Sony can make as many as they think. I still don’t believe they will get close to what they are telling us. They just cannot get the parts they need to make them.

  • PJ

    OK, I had a “comment conversation” with Dean Takahshi here: and he DOUBLE verified that the 6 million are shipped numbers, not sold. I stand humbly correctled. 🙂

    The consensus seems to be that MS and Sony report shipped numbers and Nintendo reports “actually sold to consumers” numbers.

  • Well both sony and ms consider their shipped numbers sold, since they are, as far as sony or ms is concerned. Since they have made what they are to make by selling to distrubutors and retailers.

    It seems that there is no way microsoft is getting that magical 10 million head start they said they would reach. As for actual sales, they are barely half way. Its a reasonable assumption that 1 of that 6 million is still in stores and retail channels around the world, so its understandable why sony isnt worried about the headstart.