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Browser and Store Images |

Sony has released images of the PS3 browser and the store front. Looking quite different from the XBOX Live Marketplace, it appears clean and polished. Hopefully Sony keeps a card or two up their sleeve and more items are prepped for download than what has already been disclosed.



  1. I like that sony is keeping things simple. The simpler things are made, the easier it is for people to find things, and the easier for people to spend. Its a plus for but company and consumer. There are some not to thrilled with the design; however, like I said earlier, its more about what it does than how it looks doing it. Its leaps and bounds over XBLA, which can be confusing.

  2. It does look very clean and easy to understand. I’m sure there are a few things that Sony hasn’t told us yet. I’m hoping for more PS3 game demos.

  3. I would have to agree with you both. Having XBL, it does require you to jump through more hoops than I think you need to manage content, demos, trailers, etc… This looks to be a good start in the right direction and appears high on the WAF 🙂

  4. Coolbreeze06

    hopefully they will have it to where you can create shortcuts.. ei. press select+up on the control pad and jump strait to the browser. That would cut back on a lot of navigation

  5. Less than three weeks before we find out all the details!

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