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PS3 Accessory Pics |

In case you’d all like some really nice close-up pics of some PS3 cables, boxes, remotes and such, I thought I’d give them to ya!

Talladega Nights BD Movie (included in box):

20GB Box:

60GB Box:

PS3 Remote:

USB Cable (included in box):

Sony Ethernet Cable:

Composite Cable (included in box):

Power Cable (included in box):

  • Some odd things. Why didn’t they include more of a visual specticle in the box? Talladega Nights is hardly a feast for the eyes. That remote is fugly too, and uses bluetooth so you can’t replace the bastard. Remote design has been set back 20 years 🙁

  • Yeah, I don’t like Bluetooth in my remote either. Some people like it, but my guess is that those people don’t use universal or learning remotes.

  • I like the bluetooth remote actually. And … I wonder where you got those high quality pics Henning 😉 The USB cable looks long that’s good to know. I like the design of the box.

  • Those pics came from the Sony Press Information Website (login required). However, I’m still looking for more sources of pictures. For example, Sony recently released pics of the PS3 online store, but I couldn’t find their source yet.

  • Well the store shot you link to is in Japanese so it might be hard to find an english shot.

  • Isnt the Sixaxis included in the PS3 package aswell?

    good stuff!

  • Yes it is. I never said this was a comprehensive list! 🙂

  • I wonder what the blue, red, green, and yellow buttons are for on the remote? I like the design of the box, although the final box is slightly different, because it has a plastic handle on it. I like the bluetooth remote because now its not that important that you have line of sight with the ps3 for it to work. I know with the ps2, I always had an issue with getting it to recognize my imputs, because it had a limited range in which it recognized the IR signal.

  • Randy

    where can you buy an ethernet cable?

  • Almost any computer or electronics (Best Buy) store.

  • chris hammond

    I have many questions. what cable connects you to the playstation network?And if the cable comes with the ps3 that I bought, where do I connect it too.

  • brandon galleger

    Yeah I have that very same question I think I have the cable? Is it the ethernet cable or the usb cable? HELP!

  • anthony

    hey can you use a xbox 360 ethernet cable to so the same job as the ps3 one

  • You need an ethernet cable, any will do. They’re quite common. I wouldn’t buy the Sony one, it’s probably overpriced. Any computer store or big electronics store will carry ethernet cables.

    But in order to use the ethernet cable, you have to have an internet connection in your home, preferably using a router.