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Rumble functionality possible on PS3? |

The latest issue of Famitsu PS2 has, what could be, some very interesting information. In a Q&A with Hori (maker of various peripherals for the PS1/PS2), they stated they had ideas on how rumble functionality could be implemented.

If Sony doesn’t want to do it, why not Hori? The only catch is that it would require support from software developers, and therein lies the rub.


  • Hmm…

    It depends on how strict the patent regulations of Immersion is. If the patents only cover the hardware part of the rumble, it would be no problem for Sony to implement rumble for those who want to buy rumble enabled games.

    So… maybe those guys who really miss rumble will be lucky at last…

  • With all those controllers being sold with the PS3, I doubt that there would be enough critical mass of 3rd party rumble controllers to attract software developers.

  • Keep in mind that dualshock came out halfway through the psone’s life. Looking at the Sixaxis controller’s insides on that wierd chinese gaming site, there is a WHOLE lot of room to still implement rumble. It wasnt a big deal when dualshock came out, people who already had two controllers, simply bought two more. Third party developers would probably be fine with including rumble, since its by far not a difficult feature to include in games. The first games probably wont have it (however how difficult would it be to add rumble features in patch form, since all ps3’s have harddrives?), but I’m sure nearly all would if sony were to act fast enough.