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SIXAXIS – Movement and Rotation |

Okay, okay. Please don’t roast me for having such a duuuuhmb moment. But ever since they announced the new controller for the PS3, I was wondering one thing: what does six degrees of movement really mean? Does it mean yaw left, yaw right, pitch forward, pitch back, roll left, and roll right? That’s six things. Personally, I thought that it was really just three: yaw, pitch, and roll. But you know marketting-speak as well as I do. There’s no guarantees as to what Sony meant. So I was always wondering if the SIXAXIS controller could only detect rotation, or if it could detect linear movement as well.

Well, this little demonstration on the official Japanese website lays my question to rest. The SIXAXIS detects rotation in all three axes, and movement in all three axes. Just click on the link below, then click on the joystick.

Japanese PS3 Website

  • I wonder can the controller detect motion in more than one axis at once? Like diagonal movement which would bring more than one axis into play, i suppose so.

  • I would think so too.

  • Cool site, I checked it out last night. This will be great for lair!

  • i thought that was pretty clear from the beginning. the original sixaxis demo (before it was named) had someone on stage lifting the controller straight up, causing something on-screen to move upwards as well. therefore, linear motions.

    and it’s a reason why this is far, far different than the old tilt controllers for the ps and ps2

  • matt

    Should be really cool. I just hope the whole motion thing isn’t really fun for a few weeks and then a pain in the arse later. Nintendo would be in big trouble.