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Gamespot Tests Backward Compatibility with Final Hardware |

While backward compatibility is old news, it’s very reassuring to see it actually tested and confirmed by members of the press. It’s also nice to hear that Sony is now showing the press retail units with final, shipping hardware.

PS2 Disc

They tested both a PS1 and a PS2 title and both worked as expected. There was no improvement in image quality, which is a minor disappointment, but the important thing is that it is reliable. When I get my PS3, I definitely plan to make heavy use of the PS2 game support.


repdetect2: Of note is that the PS3 does appear to respect region lockout of older titles. The japanese version of Kingdom Hearts 2 was a no go…

PlayStation 3 Backward Compatibility Testing

  • Just one PS1 title and one PS2 title? That’s hardly encouraging. I’d like to see many more titles than that tested before I start to feel good about backwards compatibility. Well, actually, I’d like to see my games running on my PS3! Come to think about it, I’d just like to be able to say “my PS3”!

  • Darrin

    Yes, two titles isn’t a very thorough test. It’s better than nothing but we will have to wait for a more complete investigation.

  • Ya I hope they list all the PS1 / PS2 games supported and “tested” on the PS3. I was hoping the Japanese PS3’s would play PS1 / PS2 U.S. games and DVD by alas it does not. Region coding is in effect for that. At least the region 1 coding for bluray covers U.S. and Japan.