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GameDaily on Why PS3 Won’t Lose |

GameDaily recently did an opinion piece on why the PS3 won’t lost the next-gen console war. Here’s the list:

  1. The Brand
    The PlayStation brand has defined console gaming for two generations now, and people just know PlayStation. They’ve sold over 100 million PSOne’s and 100 million PS2’s, after all.
  2. Microsoft (somewhat) Squandered its Lead
    I’m not sure I agree with this one. Sure it could have sold a little better, but I think it has done pretty well.
  3. Japan is Ripe for the Taking
    Microsoft has done very poorly in Japan. Only now with the release of Blue Dragon is interest in the 360 picking up. But when the PS3 launches on November 11th, Sony will take a huge leap in marketshare, just because the 360 has done so poorly.
  4. Blu-ray Will Matter (As a gaming format.)
    (Please don’t comment on this one here. We’ve hashed this one to death.)
  5. Free Online
    Personally, I like this one. I’m not big into online, but because it’s free I’ll be trying it out anyway. Who knows? I might get hooked.

Thoughts anyone? (Except for #4 – comments on this topic will be deleted. If you want to discuss BD, go to this PS3 BD thread.)

GameDaily BIZ: Opinion: Why Sony Won’t Lose the Next-Gen War

  • The Playstation Brand is huge. A lot of people will buy it alone for that fact. Blu-ray and Free On-line gaming out of the box, gotta love that πŸ™‚

  • Rich

    The only real reason is point number 1 πŸ˜† as for free Online… would you want free healthcare or pay a small sum to have a better sevice? πŸ˜‰

    Japan will get dominated by the Wii, although I hate the comparison but look at DS Vs PSP. Nintendo can get more units out and cheaper.

    That said its not a [edited for bad language] war, one console selling more than another wont change (normal) peoples enjoyment of that platform.

  • Martin Hansen

    I like that list. I think nr. 1 and 3 is the best. The Playstation brand should not be underestimated, and Xbox has already lost Japan…

  • Rich: I think you’re stating what I think is a common misperception doing the rounds today.

    People say that that sales don’t matter that much (as long as they’re decent), and if one console does better than another, it doesn’t really matter. I disagree. Third party developers generally develop only for the platforms that will make them money. If a developer has limited resources, they will develop for the platform which will get them the most money. That is, the platform with the largest installed base. Also, sometimes developers just want to focus on one platform because they want to wring the most from it. It makes sense for them, too, to choose the platform which gives the most sales/profits. So if you have a console with the largest installed base, you’re likely to have the console with the most games to choose from. Which is a real benefit if you ask me.

    The only exception to this that I can see is if two consoles have roughly the same marketshare. In which case it probably doesn’t matter that one has slightly more than the other. But when was the last time this happened? The PS2 has dominated the last generation, as the PSOne did before that. Nintendo has dominated the handheld market since day one. Each of those dominant platforms has attracted the greatest number of games.

    And before you say that the greatest number of games doesn’t matter, and that it’s the quality of the games that matter, I have an answer to that too. And it’s pretty obvious. The more games in general for a platform, the more quality games you get too. One platform doesn’t get a significantly greater percentage of quality developers than any other platform. (Among the major ones.)

  • mcloki

    I think they missed a big one.
    Inertia. I have quite a big library of PS2 games that i like to play. The PS3 can play those games. And there are plenty of games that while they are PS2 games I will play on the PS3. God of War 2, Rouge Galaxy, FF12. These are great games and I think a lot of people are going to just ride along the PS bandwagon.

  • Darrin

    1) It’s not brand, it’s reputation. With the PS2, Sony and many game studios built huge reputations and customers are eagerly awaiting the next gaming experience. People aren’t tied to a certain logo or ad jingle or catch phrase or mascot character, they want the next product and experience from the dev teams and IP that they love.

    2) That might be a little harsh. The 360 has definitely had some good titles for a year and has had excellent online community features and a solid online retro gaming service. However, if you look at the content that the PS2 had in holiday 2001 when the Xbox launched, the 360 won’t have anything close to that when the PS3 launches in holiday 2006. That doesn’t mean the 360 will fail by any means, but it does mean that the PS3 will start on a fairly even playing field.

    5) Agreed. However, a lot of people won’t care so much for deathmatch and MMO raids but will appreciate online updates and content distribution.

  • 5) I find it disconcerting that Xbox Live Silver members are becoming second-class citizens. Silver members are now getting free content later than Gold members. I like the fact that there is no stratification like this in the PlayStation Network.

  • 2) The 360 isnt selling the at the rates the original xbox did at the same point in its life. Microsoft was selling a console, with NO reputation in the gaming arena. But this time around its different, they have a past, and its not helping them much. They cant manage to improve upon what they started. The system is doing ok, but with a last gen console outselling it constantly, that cant be a good sign. They have only shipped (not sold) 6 million units, something that the ps3 can easily recoup if they can manage to get supply up soon.

    5) Sony sort of has the best of both worlds when it comes to online support. It has the fleshed out features of live without having to charge. It has the free service like wii, without being bare bones (with wii not even having an eithernet port out of the box, how many people are they expecting to have wireless networks?). Sony has made online simple and easy, and since they do have to compete with live, there is no chance that they are going to rest on their laurels just because its free.

  • BΓΈrten

    I see that many of you makes a point of free online play. Remember that this is only from Sonys side.

    1) Some PS3 podcast claimed that developers may take money for their online-games if they want to… I guess that this will happen for mmo’s and such, and thats proberbly ok?
    2) The Playstation Store will sell extra tracks, weapons, levels, cars…. You know the works.
    The main consern for the gamers is Do you really need all that stuff to play the game, or if its all horse armour πŸ˜‰
    This will (if you strech it) make first and second-class gamers. Those who can buy it all, and those who can’t.

    So, just to kill off the above, it WILL be great to have a choice, instead of paying monthly fees to play online πŸ™‚

  • matt

    Xbox Live is worth every penny I pay. I would actually pay them 2-4 times what I pay to have a service this good. I have been a member of Live since 3 months after it launched. I HATED the PS2 online network. It was really just a complete turd that I stopped using after 3 games. If you haven’t used Live extensively than you cannot comment on it. You don’t understand why Live members love paying $4.16 a month. I HOPE the PS3 network is as good as Live and their are no hidden charges that add up to more than $4.16 a month.

    The one thing that Sony might screw up on is manufacturing. If they cannot secure enough parts to make 6-8 million units by X-mas 2007 they are in trouble. Game companies will start making games for the system(s) that has more consoles. Microsoft cut the fees down for developers to make games on their system. This means more profit. They will have more systems (profit). The system will be more affordable to the general public which means more systems in the future.

    Sony has a long battle ahead. Millions of gamers are not going to pay $500-$600 for a system. 360 sales are slowing for the same reason. Only so many people are willing to pay a premium for a console. The rest wait until their are a lot of games and the console is in their price range. That is what will win the war. Everything else will come in time.