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Gamers’ Day presentation videos |

As you may have expected it has not taken too long for videos of Sony’s Gamers Day to appear on the internet… and here they are!

Here’s Phil Harrison demonstrating the PS3 XMB- There is not too much new here, it is pretty similar to the demonstration of the system at TGS.

This second video shows the PS Store. It looks fairly easy to navigate, although I’m a bit concerned as to how it will appear on my SDTV. The content selection is the real standout though- there is a lot to pour through here, and finding it looks easy enough.

This third video shows Harrison running through downloaded versions of Motor Storm and Blast Factor. I’m impressed by Blast Factor’s use of tilt controls!

The final video shows David Jaffe demonstrating his downloadable title Criminal Crackdown, I think this title looks pretty darn good!


  • Great stuff. It occurred to me that, because the store is just a web page, Sony can make changes to it easily and quickly. As well, it should work well with different televisions.

  • Well, the ps3 optomizes the content for your television in video settings. So the resolution will probably compensate for a sdtv when accessing the store and things.

  • The on-line store looks very neat and organized. I want to see how lemmings on the PS3 looks in action 🙂 PLAYSTATION 3 is out in 17 days!

  • Luke

    did jaffe just say ps4? lol.

  • alyaba

    im so glad the demo for motorstorm will be downloadable because i like the look of the game but im worried about 2 things:
    1. it might feel to repetitive after a wile.
    2. it seems like its hard to keep from blowing up or crashing

  • I heard there will also be a resistance demo at launch. I like that essentially the Playstation store covers both psp and ps3. I wonder will sony create a psp compatable version, since its essentially a webpage?