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PS3 Japanese launch system figures lowered |

I would not like to be a Japanese PlayStation 3 seeker right now. It is almost as bad as being a European one! 😉

Japan’s number of PS3 units available on launch day (now less than 13 days away) has again fallen from 100,000 to 80,000. You can almost here the mad scramble of Japanese enthusiasts rushing to queue at their local stores! Simply put, getting a PS3 in Japan this Christmas is going to be insanely difficult. If you thought North America had it bad then you should really come visit the other main territories. Although even then there are signs that all is not running to plan in the US; an anonymous Best Buy employee, if they are to be believed, has informed Kotaku that as of yet (with less than 19 days until launch) they have no idea how many units they will get in stock, despite Wii information being finalised.

Maybe it is not so bad to be a European afterall… or at least until we have shortages whenever the PS3 launches here! 😥

  • Wow, that sucks. I wonder if Sony will be able to get another shipment to the U.S. & Japan before Christmas.

  • Dreamworker

    Sony should just delay the Japanese launch ’til December and launch with whatever amount they can produce by Nov. 17th in North America only, considering NA being Sony’s biggest market I believe it would be in their best interest to do so. And come December, Japan will most likely be greeted with a more generous allocation of PS3s.

  • PJ

    I’m guessing they are trimming NA allocations also…I bet PS3’s won’t be readily available until approx. May of 07…that is basically what happened to the 360…

  • Darrin

    An anonymous Best Buy employee is a highly unreliable source of info. Many retail employees have access to confidential shipment info, but the honest ones tend to keep quiet like they are supposed to. The “leaks” tend to be from those who really want attention and are willing to bend the truth to get it.

    The drop from 100k to 80k is definitely bad news but it’s not horrible. It does erode their credibility to downgrade estimates yet again, but it is only 20%.

  • Japan has 39% of North America’s population, but they’re getting 17% of the PS3 shipments, assuming the NA numbers don’t change. It’s not fun to be living in Japan right now.

  • I think the deal is that Sony apparent sees they wont meet the 500,000 for launch, and felt it was more important for NA to get the promised amount than Japan. Afterall, shipping ps3s to japanese stores is FAR easier for sony than shipping to NA. So japanese shipments will probably be closer together, but North America’s will probably be slow but with larger numbers of units.
    Shortages were inevitable, and probably if sony felt it could get away with it, it would wait until March. Yet there are too many publishers consumers, and developers counting on them shipping that they have no choice but to ship with however few they have.

  • matt

    I have thought for a very long time now Sony would not make the launch number they promised. 360 production was delayed heavily by a small part I never heard of. The PS3 has so many parts that are new and anyone of them could delay production. Rumors of the Cell and BR Diode shortages were a bad sign months ago.

    I am curious to see how many America gets of the supposed 400,000. Will Canada get an equal share (population percentage wise). Does Mexico get any?

    If you are not planning on sleeping on concrete for 2 days than I wouldn’t plan on getting a PS3 in the next six months. If you pre-ordered good luck. If the shipments are far below what they thought (100,000 units) than they might not honor them on launch and sell them in stores (a pre-order is already sold). This way they can show the people lined up on the news and have interviews for better PR. It has happened before and will happen again.

    I strongly believe Sony is having major problems making the PS3. This is understandable because of all the goodness inside it. I just feel bad for all of the gamers who won’t be able to get one this year. I am so glad I can wait this out. *pheew*