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Wireless PS2 Guitar Hero Controller |

Longtime readers will know that I’m a big Guitar Hero fan. One annoyance is the good old chord chaining you to the PS2. Now Red Octance has announced a new wireless guitar controller for the PS2, and it’s white. A nice glossy white at that.

See old controller above. New controller below. Note that the select button doesn’t seem to be placed any better. Doh!

The suggested retail price will be $59.99. My question is this: will it work with the PS3? My answer is this: probably not. While there have been rumours of a PS2 – PS3 adapter peripheral, that would be for wired controllers only. The PS3 uses BlueTooth for its wireless, and this controller probably does not.

IGN: Red Octane Premiers Wireless Guitar Hero Controller

  • Alex

    When the game comes out are they going to sell it with out the controller? My first one still works great and I dont wanna pay $90 again. I just want the $50 game.

  • it might work with the ps3. since the ps2 has no built-in wireless, the guitar would have to come with a wireless receiver that would plug into the ps2’s controller port. that same receiver should in theory also work in a ps2-ps3 adapter. here’s hoping, anyway 🙂

  • Alex, Red Octane already let everyone know that they do not intend to make you buy a second controller. Guitar Hero 2 will come in 2 packages, with and without a controller. Also, this pheriphial is an add-on as far as I can tell. Meaning you can only buy it seperatly. It’s for the ultra lazy people that have there tv-set more then a cable length away from the comfy couch 😀

    As for the way it connects… We’ll have to lurk the Red Octane website untill they release some more info I guess 🙂

  • Sorry for the spammage, I just checked the Red Octane site and they already have a PS2 to USB Adapter for $19,99

    Since the PS3 has 4 USB ports I guess it’s technically already possible to connect your guitar (and with it other pheriphials) to the play station 3

  • These devices are pretty cool! Remember the running pad for the original NES? Got to love it!

  • lammy

    can guitar hero wireless controller for ps3 use at ps2/pc???