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PS3 Kiosks

Famitsu reported (link via Kotaku) that publically playable PS3 kiosks have arrived in Japan. Playable games include Devil May Cry 4, Power Smash 3 (Virtua Tennis), Gran Turismo HD and Ridge Racer 7. I suspect they will provide different demos for North America kiosks, specifically Resistance and MotorStorm.


Now when will these arrive outside of Japan? There are less than three weeks until the PS3 is launched in the US, so kiosks can’t be too far off. I’ve seen the PS3 section set up at my local Target last week (without an actual PS3) and I’ve read various unconfirmed reports of non-playable PS3 kiosks. I can’t wait!

The Playable PS3 Kiosk Finally Storms Japan

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Impress Watch goes hands on with the PS3

As the days go by, more and more companies are getting their hands on the PS3 and providing us with feedback.

What caught my attention about this one is that they talk about Blu-ray movie playback, give us more high quality pictures, and actually lead in to a very good and detailed review. Since it’s a Japanese to English translation the read is a little choppy, but worthing checking out 🙂

Watch Impress

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Rumble functionality possible on PS3?

The latest issue of Famitsu PS2 has, what could be, some very interesting information. In a Q&A with Hori (maker of various peripherals for the PS1/PS2), they stated they had ideas on how rumble functionality could be implemented.

If Sony doesn’t want to do it, why not Hori? The only catch is that it would require support from software developers, and therein lies the rub.



Browser and Store Images

Sony has released images of the PS3 browser and the store front. Looking quite different from the XBOX Live Marketplace, it appears clean and polished. Hopefully Sony keeps a card or two up their sleeve and more items are prepped for download than what has already been disclosed.



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