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Monthly Archives: November 2006

More Resistance Multiplay3r

November 30, 2006 | | 5 Comments

Last night my friends and I played Resistance on my new PS3. I still like hearing those words. My new PS3. Not to gloat or anything. 😉 (I noticed when loading up my game that my PS3 hardly collects any … Read More

1up analyses PS3 and xbox360 graphics

November 29, 2006 | | 22 Comments

To be honest, I am surprised this took so long!

As many reviews have suggested, the first batch of PS3 games are under performers when compared to their xbox360 incarnations. For anybody who has been paying attention to the … Read More

More CoD3 for the PS3

November 29, 2006 | | 8 Comments

I played some more Call of Duty 3 last night, and learned two things: people are unfair, and I should read the manual.

First, I played a game of “Battle”, which is their word for deathmatch. I tried a … Read More

Red Kawa File Server

November 29, 2006 | | 4 Comments

Wanna serve files from your PC to your PS3? Red Kawa looks to solve your problem with the Red Kawa File Server. This free software (the accept donations) allows you to view and copy files from your PC onto your … Read More

Hey Sony! We Want!

November 29, 2006 | | 7 Comments

This article mentions a bunch of things we want from the next firmware update for the PS3 from Sony. Things like the following:

  • Background Downloads
  • Themes
  • Screen Savers
  • Music Playing while Doing Stuff
  • See PC Files from PS3
  • Guitar … Read More

17 new Halo 3 screens

November 29, 2006 | | 3 Comments

So just what is the competition up to? You can see some Halo 3 screenshots at the link below. They look quite nice, actually. Some of them look more like something from Unreal Tournament, I’m looking forward to playing the … Read More

HDMI Cable Contest Winners!

November 28, 2006 | | 5 Comments

Like I promised, today is Tuesday and I’m announcing the winners of the HDMI cable contest brought to you by this site and The winners were chosen with a random number generator, but their names both happen to start … Read More

YDL v5.0 for the PS3 launches!

November 28, 2006 | | 13 Comments

Yesterday TerraSoft announced the availability of Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for the PS3.

THE WAIT IS OVER! Six months of design, engineering, integration, and testing has culminated in the finest release from Terra Soft to date. Designed, not just assembled, … Read More