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More Resistance Multiplay3r

Last night my friends and I played Resistance on my new PS3. I still like hearing those words. My new PS3. Not to gloat or anything. 😉 (I noticed when loading up my game that my PS3 hardly collects any dust. I wonder what people are complaining about.)

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Anyway, Resistance is a great game, but it’s not perfect. Here are a couple problems when playing multiplayer:

  1. Players can’t set their own names. I’d much rather kill Steve than Player 3. And when Player 1 kills me, I always have to ask who it is because I have a terrible memory. This lack of naming is really annoying. I complained about this when playing GRAW, and now I complain about it when playing Resistance. The only difference is, I was wrong about GRAW – we just hadn’t figured out how to do it.
  2. When setting up a player characters, each player should hit Ready, and when everyone is ready, the game should start. Not so. What happens instead is that anybody can start the game, even when other players aren’t prepared.
  3. You can’t choose Chimera when playing Deathmatch.
  4. Selecting which control scheme to use is confusing. What does “Assassin” mean, anyway?

I hope that Insomniac fixes these things, though I’m not holding out much hope.


1up analyses PS3 and xbox360 graphics

To be honest, I am surprised this took so long!

Need for Speed Carbon: 360 and PS3

As many reviews have suggested, the first batch of PS3 games are under performers when compared to their xbox360 incarnations. For anybody who has been paying attention to the games industry over the past six months, this won’t be a surprise. 1up argues though, that by following Sony’s PR trail over the last year and a half, Sony proclaimed that the next-gen did not start until the PS3 appeared. So why is there no difference? The article doesn’t seem to have much of a point other to highlight Sony’s “foot-in-mouth” syndrome, but the images and videos make interesting viewing, even if they do little more than highlight just how similar the games look.

Notable improvements can be found in Ridge Racer 7 (but to be fair this is pretty much Ridge Racer 6 with an extra year of development), Fight Night Round 3 (again, an xbox360 game with 6 months extra development), Full Auto 2 (again, think Full Auto + one year development), Marvel Ultimate Alliance (the PS3 version looks slightly cleaner) and Blazing Angels (another 360 port with 9 months extra development time).

For all this article shows though, these are still launch games. I expect that, in the same way that 360 titles from this year are much better looking than last year, PS3 titles next year will blow us away. Think back to the very poor Ridge Racer V that launched with PS2 and expect PS3 titles to develop along similar lines as developers harness the machine more efficiently. The first of game to show this off, in my opinion, should be Motorstorm (now delayed in Japan until 15 December).

1up- What the Cell is going on?


More CoD3 for the PS3

I played some more Call of Duty 3 last night, and learned two things: people are unfair, and I should read the manual.

First, I played a game of “Battle”, which is their word for deathmatch. I tried a new level I haven’t been to before, and it amazed me as well. There was lots of vegetation on this level, some log buildings/shacks, and some bunkers. Everything looked really really good. The vegetation especially. It also amazed me how good some of the players are. If you meet some certain players on the battlefield, you just know you’re going to die. At any rate, it was fun.

Then I played a game of capture the flag. First I chose the Allies because I liked their machine gun (the Thompson). But then when I saw that Allies were winning 7-0, I switched sides to Axis. I played for a while, and we didn’t do so well. When I checked the stats, I found out why. The Axis had about half as many players as the Allies. Hardly fair. Due to my lack of skill using a game controller to quickly target an enemy, I opted for the role of Medic, which gets you a shotgun. You don’t have to be as accurate with that! (But you do have to be close.) I thought that I’d try reviving someone because I was a Medic, but that didn’t work. Next time I’ll read the manual first. I couldn’t figure it out. I assumed I would just have to stand near the injured person, but I saw no indication that I was healing the person. Ah well.

Anyway, I’m quite enjoying the game. The graphics and sound are awesome, I just have to learn to play it a little better.


Red Kawa File Server

Wanna serve files from your PC to your PS3? Red Kawa looks to solve your problem with the Red Kawa File Server. This free software (the accept donations) allows you to view and copy files from your PC onto your PS3.

However, the tutorials section for this software isn’t complete. Actually, it has almost nothing there. So before I install this software to try it out, I’d like to see the tutorial so I know what I’m getting myself into. Does it require the PS3 to be running Linux? That’s my first and most obvious question. Can you see the PC and its file from the PS3, or do you have to do all that stuff from the PC? That’s my second question.

It’s cool to see software like this, but I’d like some more information.

[via PS3 Fanboy]

Red Kawa File Server


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