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“About 40” Downloadables Get Sony Funding |

In another interview with Sony’s “semi-official” blog three-speech Phil Harrison has again discussed Sony’s E-Distribution Initiative… to the rest of us he means, the PS3 virtual console/arcade.


Since announcing the concept back in March it is clear that SCE Worldwide Studios has had real success in attracting upcoming developers. The aim is clearly to bring talent to the surface in the industry without the cost of expensive “full-game development” being a barrier. As a result Harrison now believes that there are 40 titles in development that Sony is funding. You would also imagine there are a fair number of titles on top of this that publishers and developers are ploughing their own funds into. This compares very favourably to the xbox360 which currently has around 34 downloadable titles available.

Of the mentioned titles so far, Calling All Cars (previously known as Criminal Crackdown) is destined to be one of the early stand outs along with flOw. Both titles, in my opinion, show developers approaching the concept of console gaming from very different angles- Jaffe’s Calling All Cars is an old school game with a 3D twist, whilst flOw seems to be more about creating an ambient effect and a game you can truly relax to. That’s not to mention other titles, Lemmings is a particularly old-school favourite of mine!

Hopefully Sony’s open approach will avoid the drip-drip approach of Microsoft to arcade.


  • Rich

    How can you compare games recieving funding to games already released? 40 games in development is not equal to 36 games actually released. I’m no sure if Live Arcade has any first party games on it, but they get more than 12 submitions a week for new games on the service.

    The PS3 service is a differant kettle of fish anyway because developers can go > 50Mb. so its more like a digital distribution service.

  • I’m actually excited to play Lemmings on the PS3. Hopefully I can get my GF hooked on it 😛

  • PJ

    40 games in development…not too bad. I bet you that Live Arcade has 2-3x that amount simply b/c of its headstart.

  • Depending on how long they do XBLA Wednesdays, we should be seeing 52 arcade games a year minimum. Todays wednesday, haven’t heard of a new game, so I don’t know if they released or ended the promotion altogether. I never pay much attention to downloadable games to be honest.

    I don’t think Microsoft funds any of them. They’re created by indie devs and ports of older games. Funding them would be a good way to increase quality. I bet there wont be a 50mb limit to the games either since all PS3s come with an HDD. That’s a cool feature. But I doubt they’ll be bigger than what your average 5mb connection can handle.

    I’m interested in hearing just how many PS1 games will be downloadable, since its hard to get a hold of some games that I’ve been dying to play again. Breath of Fire IV, Klonoa, Tomba, Xenogears, Chrono Chross. Meeemmmorieees =P.

  • Tom

    Microsoft have a very strict vetting procedure though- a lot of games get held while MS puts them through stringent quality testing, that’s why you don’t see XBLA games as often as you might. Well except Lumines Live anyway, I don’t know why they let that game through (after weeks of delays) without dropping the price/adding more content from the get go.

    This apparently winds up developers no end- they usually thoroughly check their offerings anyway (their necks are on the line afterall- if they release a buggy title their reputation will sink), so for MS to do it on top is not well thought of. MS’s process needs to be streamlined, and hopefully that is what the arrival of competition will lead to!

  • matt

    MS is trying to keep developers from dumping their whole back catalog onto arcade. Which I am grateful for. I don’t want a thousand old games. I still own all of my old classic games (the last two gens anyway).

    I am glad Microsoft checks the games before download (Sony will do the same thing). 40 games is a good start for Sony. How many of those 40 are new or old games?

    Its cool that all of the systems are doing this. If you are a little light in the pocket you can still get a new game for the weekend.

  • Microsoft has been a bit slow on the new games front, hopefully sony’s lack of size restrictions and a less stringent online philosophy will encourage small developers who want to make a game, but didnt want to jump through the hoops it takes to qualify for XBLA.