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HDMI Switch/Repeater |

Hmmm. Should I get one of these? Or should I make do until I have a new pre/processor or receiver that can switch HDMI? Once I get my PS3, I’ll have two HDMI devices, and only one DVI/HDCP input on my TV. So I’ll have to use a component connection for my PS3 or my SA8300HD PVR. Or both (which is a valid option). But the cool thing about this switcher is that you don’t actually have to push any buttons. It’ll automatically detect an incoming signal on one of its inputs, and switch to it upon detection.

The only problem with thing looks to be the fact that it costs 300 bucks. But Audioholics thinks very highly of this HDMI switcher. They tried to trip up the Radiient switcher in several ways, and it performed flawlessly. The picture quality also suffered no degradation going through the switcher, which is good.

Radiient Select-4 Four-Input HDMI Switch/Repeater

  • Automatically detects a incoming signal. That’s very cool. If you switch between video feeds a lot, it may be worth it.

  • matt

    Henning save the money and put it into a new receiver. I would hook up the cable box with component cables. Cable is compressed than uncompressed than compressed (goes on and on) until it finally reaches your HDTV. The cable signal is bad and the difference between HDMI and Component is moot at that point. The PS3 should look really good and should also benefit from the digital connection.

    Receivers that do the switching well are just over $1000 and should drop in price quickly. I have found a few companies that do it and the prices on their recievers have already dropped about $500 the last year. In the next few months the price should be down to $500-900 depending on the brand you like. I would just be patient.

  • Martin Hansen

    Just buy this baby:

    it’s got 6 HDMI!! And a ton of other connection possibilities.

    Price? 60000 NOK, directly translates to USD 9-10000

  • Ah… to dream that I had a high end set up so complete that I would need something like this. Im will still be using a standard def tv for the forseeable future.