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Linux, PS3, and Flash |

Linux PenguinHere’s an interesting interview with the Yellow Dog Linux people about the PS3 flavour of Linux they’re developing. A spokesperson says: “With our operating system, the Playstation could very easily be your home CD player, DVD player, MP3 player and home computer, as well as a great game box,” said Terra Soft CEO Kai Staats of the PS3, “This is not an application-limited appliance, this is a full-blown computer. There is no issue of ‘can it do this or that?’ It can do everything.

Yellow Dog Linux Interview

One point of concern for PS3 Linux users is the fact that Flash Player 9 for YDL is not available for the Cell/PS3 version of YDL. But guess what? There’s something you can actually do about this, and that is to contact Adobe, asking them for Flash for PS3. The link below gives the Adobe request form URL and also provides the text you can use to make your request. Easy as pie! I’ve done it, now it’s your turn.

Flash Player 9 for PS3 Linux Request

Props to Deacon and Mikael for sending this stuff in!

  • Burten

    It’s done 🙂

  • Sent. Hope they add it 🙂 Good find!

  • Its nice that linux for PS3 wont be crippled in any way. Since the ps3 has both mouse and keyboard support, it actually could be a computer.

  • I wonder how much Hard Drive space the linux install will take.

  • Anonymous

    4GB, It’s Fedora for PPC

  • Not to bad, I’ll have to try that out.

  • Great news more people will see now about the wonders of Linux.

    good stuff Linux lives !!!

  • It is good to see the Sony fans getting behind the push to get Flash 9 made for Yellow Dog Linux! Please spread the word to all of your friends and all of the PS3 sites you visit to get the movement in gear!

  • interesting, i wonder what version of flash is in the ps3’s built-in web browser (since it has been demonstrated showing youtube videos, which are flash based).

  • and i submitted the feature request too 🙂