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The Trees of Resistance |

In all the previews of Resistance, one thing that has been overlooked has been the tree and shrubbery technology behind the game. OK, many of you may not care, but these screens are actually kind of neat. This same middleware technology is used in quite a few popular console titles. We can expect to see a lot more of this improved tree quality in upcoming PS3 titles.

The SpeedTree site offers two exclusive Resistance screenshots that feature the trees.

Trees of Resistance

Most players probably won’t be paying attention to the tree in this screenshot, however it’s definitely a huge improvement over the flat trees in many PS2 games.

Trees of Resistance

This site is complete with a comprehensive tree browser, in-game and out-of-game picture galleries and videos. It’s worth a look if you’re into computer graphics.

SpeedTree Image Gallery

  • I saw this yesterday, pretty cool technology.

  • I remember hearing about this roughly a year ago, and hadn’t heard anything about it since. Its nice to see, that its being used in real games, as opposed to being relegated to tech demo obscurity.

  • Gah! Thats cool, but when are we gonna get separate physics fo each leaf as well as each blade of grass!? I’m so tired of seeing horrible, horrible clipping, hurry up already!!!!!

    Just kidding, its nice to see that foliage is taking a big step in games.

  • One thing I’ll try out is getting really close to to the folliage to see how good it looks up close.