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10 Things Sony & PS3 should Improve |

Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna get a PS3 as soon as I can get my hands on one. (I’m currently working on removing the fingerprints from my fingers. The harder part will be getting them not to sweat.) But that doesn’t mean that I don’t see things that Sony should do, improve, or inform us of, with the PS3. (Even though it hasn’t even been released yet. Actually, that’s part of the problem – we just don’t know some things yet, and Sony should tell us!) Here’s my list, in approximate order of importance to me.

  1. Four-Player Support
    This is for Sony’s game divisions. Let’s see some four-player splitscreen support, people! The only game I know for sure supports four-player splitscreen is Resistance. Where are all the other games on this? Gaming is becoming more mainstream and more social. Therefore we need support for more players. Get with it Sony!
  2. PS2 Peripheral Support
    Will I be able to use my PS2’s Guitar Hero peripheral guitar to play my PS2 Guitar Hero game in compatibility mode on the PS3? I contacted RedOctance and haven’t heard from them. (Actually, I did, but they misunderstood my question.) I haven’t heard anything from Sony.
  3. Improved Game Support for Gamer Songs
    I don’t know of any racing games for the PS3 that allow you, the gamer, to use your own ripped music. That’s terrible. I really don’t like most music that’s packed with games these days. I downright dislike it, actually, and often turn the music way down or off entirely. So I think that Sony should mandate that game developers use this feature. Any game that uses music in an interchangeable way should allow you to use your own music instead. Period. (It also annoys me when EA pops up a little window that informs you of who is playing the current song. Guess what, EA? I DON’T CARE. That pop-up is annoying, and I wouldn’t want it even if it’s for a song I do like.)
  4. Networked Media
    The PS3 should be able to read music, movies, or whatever, from any devices that it can see attached to the network. I don’t want to re-rip my CD library to play those songs on the PS3! It should just find my library on my network storage device, and use it. Same thing goes for videos and photos.
  5. DVD Video Upconversion
    Why doesn’t the PS3 upconvert DVD movies to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p? It should.
  6. DivX Support
    Where’s the love? We need DivX support, as well as support for any other popular media types you may have missed. (Can’t think of any offhand, but there must be some, right?)
  7. In-Game Chat
    I may be wrong on this, but I understand you can’t talk to other people on the PlayStation Network via chat, unless you’re in the same game and the game supports it. That’s just not good enough.
  8. EyeToy HD
    So what’s the deal with EyeToy HD? After talking some about the EyeToy a while ago, Sony’s gone silent about it. What’s going on?
  9. Better Friend List Support
    It’s come to light that Resistance: Fall of Man will use its own friend lists. So you have to have your own Resistance friends list, separately from your PS3 regular friends list. Not a good sign. So far I’ve liked what I’ve seen whenever anything to do with Resistance came up. It’s a great-looking launch game, and I’ll be buying it at launch. But this friends list thing is not good. I don’t want to sign up for separate friends lists for each game I buy.
  10. What Up with Sound?
    The other day I got an e-mail from someone asking about DTS HD Master sound and how to get it from the PS3. I listed the options, but it was just conjecture, because Sony hasn’t told use what the PS3 is capable of. Will it decode DTS HD Master surround sound? Or Dolby TrueHD? We know the PS3 will have TrueHD support, but we don’t know what that entails. Will the PS3 decode these formats and put them out analog? How? Or will it convert to PCM? What? We need some info, Sony!

So there you have it. My list of things I think Sony should do, improve, or inform us of. Did I miss something?

  • Rich

    11) The *** pad
    12) The cluttered mess of a GUI
    12) The cost 😉

    [Henning: edited for language.]

  • I use the XMB on my PSP, and I think the interface is just fine. It’s easy to get to what you want, and it’s easy to do what you want to do. Plus it looks nice. What else do you want?

    Have you used the pad? What did you find wrong with it?

  • I like the XMB as well.

    I agree that PS2 Peripheral Support needs to be added.
    DVD Video Upconversion, maybe with a future update? I would like to see this done.
    And EyeToy HD, news about this has been very silent …..

    Also off-topic a little. Where is the PS3 Tekken news!

  • The problem with DVD is not that Sony doesnt want to do it. They are not allowed to do it, if they dont want to lose their DVD Alliance membership. This states, that ONLY analogue may be upconverted, not digitally. Ok, Sony may add Component upconversion, but thats about it…

    And to those who hate the GUI… Have you EVER used a PSP? I think its one of the best GUIs for embedded systems! I have used a lot of mobiles, consoles and whatnot and the XMB is the most intuitive of ALL. A friend of mine has a Windows Mobile phone… Man, I am a tech nerd somewhat, but I have problems navigating through that mess. Same goes for Symbian OS, the only good mobile system is PalmOS, which really is intuitive as well… And btw. how much time do you spend in the GUI anyways??

    I find the pad good. I liked the PS1, the analog shock and the dual shock… And I like it, that Sony did stay true to its original design, with added bonusses (motion sensor, real triggers, wireless for ALL systems). Maybe the boomerang was better, cant tell, but I am good with the SIXAXIS design!!

    And for the cost… If you cant afford it, save money or wait. Its not like Sony makes money off of the PS3s. PCs that can do that kind of graphics are much more expensive, and the 360 (premium) is ONLY 100€ less, with no wifi and no HiDef media support. What do you want? A PS3 for free or what? Its always, you get what you pay for, and the PS3 is REALLY worth its price.

  • I’m not so sure about that. There are lots of DVD players out there that do upconversion on the HDMI output (like Denon), and they’re by major manufacturers. Besides, HDMI gives you the ability to plaster on some copy-protection, so I don’t think there’s any issues here.

  • hollywooda

    ohh dear i can see Sony’s online service being utter pants!!!…… not that it matters because
    no one’s gonna b using it!…… much like blu-ray.

  • ohh dear,’s resident troll has made a return

  • Lots of these things are supported by the Xbox 360 already. I have no problem envying those features!

  • 8) The dude in charge of the eyetoy project, said that there are multiple ideas for a new eytoy, that they are still filing through, to see what exactly will make it into the final product. Until its released the old eyetoy will function for what the ps3 currently supports.

  • Can’t Yellow Dog Linux take care of network media and divix support? Four player support is bound to become more popular with first person shooters and adventure games in the future as well.

    Honestly I can only agree with four of those issues: EyeToy, Audio, PS2 Peripheral Support and Personal In-game song lists. While the rest don’t really matter to me, these four make up in magnitude to the significance of the others. (Dictionary not provided) 🙂

  • As I mentioned in the comment thread of the article about the wireless guitar from RedOctane. There currently already is a PS2 to USB converter available in RedOctane’s shop. This means that you can definitely connect your guitar to the PS3 physically.

    I know it does not ensure compatibility, but it should be easy to implement.

    – SL33PY

  • the only thing i have problems with is, the controller. I don’t like the two sticks together and a better online system. One game having it’s own friends list? Yuck.

    Oh one more thing, better launch games. Besides that, I’m good to go.

    But in many ways the ps3 reminds me of my psp. One sexy bitch when it comes to hardware but, when it comes to gaming.. there isn’t much to be had. Of course this is still launch so, I’m sure this will change. After all, this is the next in line to the psOne and ps2 which had many, many games.

  • bader

    my ps3 is now firmware 2.10 and i think some of the problems have been solved now. as for me i think that #3 and 4 are most annoying i have a 1000gb(1tb) network drive that supports dlna but i cant get connected to it because of the security, also it really would be nice to have your own music in ALL the games.