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New Poll: Will you Use the PS3 Browser? |

This question is simple enough. Will you use the PS3’s web browser? Answer in the sidebar, as always.

Our last poll only got 159 votes (see below). I get many more readers than that every day, so let’s hear from more of you! You don’t need to be logged in or anything!

Last poll results:

Do you typically own more than one console per generation?

* One per gen only.: 55% (88)
* Sure! It’s great!: 45% (71)

Total Votes : 159

  • Ya, I’ll probably use it a lot. Surfing the web on a HDTV, fun 🙂

  • I’ll probably use it to watch video trailers online! I wonder how well that’ll work, if I go to and try to view a 1080p movie trailer.

  • matt

    I probally won’t. their maybe a few times that I do but a computer is just so much easier. I would rather have the option than not, but this is a feature I will use very rarely. This might be a cool feature when internet speeds are increased over 30mb.

  • Darrin

    I just commented on this, but I’ll definitely keep most of my web browsing on a PC. However if someone else is using my computer, or sometimes it will be more physically convenient, I’m sure I’ll use the PS3 browser as well. Also some PS3 and blu-ray content will probably link directly to the web.

  • It would be nice to look at videos online on my tv. Since the ps3 supports both usb and bluetooth keyboards, it seems like it will be nice. After all, whether you want to or not, you will without even realizing it. All of the playstation store stuff is handled through the web browser. I plan on buying a keyboard just for my ps3.

  • Gary

    I still haven’t got my beloved iMac or broadband yet and if the former isn’t purchased by the time I get my hands on the PS3 I’ll have to use the PS3 to access the web.

    Man I hate browsing the web using my mobile phone. I only use it to keep up to date with


  • Pc

    I will deffinately use it…..Imagine checking IGN and watching a new video or even checking your myspace on your tv…awesome !!!!

  • dude!

    im a lazy asss
    i would have to get off my asss to go to the computer
    and someone else is always on my computer