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Some PS3 Games to Release Early |

Some PS3 games are going to hit store shelves before there’s any hardware available to play them. Which might seem strange at first, but I think it’s great. That way I can pick up some games before the PS3 comes out, take them home, unwrap them, and place them in a shrine before use. (Just kidding about the shrine.) That way I don’t have to unwrap a lot of stuff when I first get my PLAYSTATION 3 home, prolonging the agony of when I can actually insert my first game or BD movie.

The next question becomes: will I be able to buy peripherals early? Both Resistance: Fall of Man and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance support four players. So I’ll want to buy three extra controllers for my PS3. And I’ll also want to buy that memory card reader thing (if I have to). Will I be able to buy those peripherals early, thus be able to unpack and gawk at them before 11/17?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Join the Ultimate Alliance Early

  • I would love to get my hands on games and peripherals early 🙂 I got a PS2 game about a week before the PS2 console launched, it was cool.

  • Yeah, I have Terminator on BD already, and I thought that was cool to unpack a Blu-ray movie that I can’t even play (yet) !

  • matt

    Cool? You guys are crazy!!! Having things that I cannot use before I purchase something to use them is TORTURE!

    On another note it is a good idea because they can sell a bunch of games to people who won’t buy the console at launch (they just cannot get one). This insures a future PS3 purchase for Sony though and better sales for games that might not sell as well when the future owners actually get them a few months down the road.