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Japanese MotorStorm Preview |

I’ve always wondered. And now I know. The Japanese are getting MotorStorm for the PS3 several months ahead of the rest of us: December 7th, 2006. North America and Europe are getting MotorStorm in March 2007. The Japanese version will not have online play. The North American and European version will have online play. Ah… yes. I see the virtual light bulbs spreading the globe as all of you out there in the ether read these words.

UK IGN recently got a chance to peak under the hood of the final Japanese version of this game. They were flabbergasted! (My words.) They were quite impressed with the quality of the game and noted that it was fast – something we were worried about not too long ago. So it looks like the devs have fixed that up. They also added a feature whereby in the middle of gameplay you can hit the Start button to pause the action. Then, while the game is still paused, you can look around the 3D scene by controlling a camera. Neato.

IGN: MotorStorm Preview

While we’re on the subject of MotorStorm, here’s another gameplay video. This one doesn’t have sound, though.

MotorStorm: MGS06: Gameplay 2 (no sound) streaming video

  • alyaba

    for some reason i thought this was a launch title, wasn’t it?

  • I must be psychic, just an hour ago I was watcing motorstorm videos on and was htinking to myself, “Hey, there should be a mode to pause the game and take closer looks at the environment and that awesome damage to the cars!”

    No sooner did I think it than it happened! Sony should make this mandatory on all games. I want to take a close look at the next generation myself!

  • hotcarl

    Full Auto for the 360 had this same feature. (the user controlled camera while paused.) It was the only fun thing about that game.

    Now Motorstorm, which actually looks like an awesome game, has it too….


  • Darrin

    Do Americans/Europeans like online play more than the Japanese? Do the Japanese need this game sooner than the Americans? I’m sure they know what they’re doing, but that’s kind of a strange way to alter the product for different markets.

  • Pc

    Launch window title.