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PLAYSTATION 3 User’s Guide |

Sony has put online a bare skeleton of a user’s guide for the PLAYSTATION 3. There are several links, each supposedly explaining what each menu item in the PS3’s crossbar interface does and how to use it. The only problem is that none of those links work.

The only working link that does work is at the top, and it’s the one that explains how to navigate the PS3’s XMB interface. For those of you with a PSP (like me), that’ll all be old hat. That’s why every time I see a video about the XMB, I want them to go to the new interesting stuff like the friends lists and creating new users. But they rarely do. Ah well.

I assume the website will be updated sooner or later. Once it does, please tell me so that I can tell all the readers, okay?

[via QJ.NET]

PLAYSTATION 3 User’s Guide

  • Some sites are reporting that the newer firmware update (that will be required by some of the launch ps3 titles) includes some things that have not yet been revealed. That would explain why this isnt fully working yet. It’s just rumor at this point, but given how frequently features (even small ones) were added to the psp, this should come as no surprise.

  • Kinda fun to look at.