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IE Problems |

Yeah, I know there are problems with this site when viewed in IE. To fix this problem immediately, just use Firefox instead! 🙂 If that’s not an option right now, be patient. A solution is forthcoming.

Man I hate IE.

  • Next2heaven

    Works great in IE7! No reason to hate this version…but I hear you on IE6.

  • Nazo

    Sucks to be a user of shoddy MS products :p

  • it works fine in IE7.

  • I agree IE sucks! I’m a firefox man my self 🙂 But good to know IE7 is a little better.

  • I think (also not having seen the source code of the side) that its the “extended” css codes, which IE6 does NOT support, but the newer ones do…

  • So its not really IE6’s fault. its the n00b web designer who hasn’t made provisions for older browsers.

  • I can always count on a negative comment from Rich…

    Yup, I’m a n00b web designer. Frankly, I don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to work around Microsoft’s mistakes.

  • ie is a pain.

    can’t wait to see how this site looks on a ps3 🙂

  • Martin Hansen

    I’m a developer, and IE6 has cost me so much time (and time is money), it’s been 5 years since any non-security changes has been made to IE. Horrible.

    But according to people that work with IE7, the release cycles will be much more frequent from now on. MS officials has even apologised for this big pause in development, in public.

    I do think they seem sincere when they promise this. You can bash IE as much as you want,(and I do too) but as long as it has such a big market share, it’s bugs that developers have to spend time (and again money) to solve. Let’s look forward. Hopefully it’ll be a much briter one for us developers.

  • Solve your problems :p

  • Its not Hennings fault, as the IE6 does NOT completely obey Webstandards, especially the compilation of css codes is a pain in the ass with IE6…

    As I am no webdesigner either, I dont know what it exactly is, but rather sooner than later, IE7 and FF2.0 (and Opera of course) are the only ones used… So no problem then 😀

  • Tdskate

    What seems to be the problem?
    Screenshot us Henning!

  • Well, to be a total fanboy “FIREFOX FTW!!!!!!ONE”

  • Looks like it’s displaying fine in IE6 now. What did you change?

  • I just switched to the new theme. Didn’t change it at all.