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PS3 System Updates |

The PS3 hasn’t even been released yet. … Yup. … Oh, wait. More. Right. The PS3 hasn’t even been released yet, and there’s already talk of the PS3 needing OS software updates.

For example, if you pick up a copy of Madden 07, and go to play the game in your PS3, you’ll be prompted to apply a patch first. But that’s not all. Genji: Days of the Blade, Ridge Racer 7, and Resistance: Fall of Man will all require a system updates as well. (To version 1.02.)

Luckily, the software is on disc, so you don’t have to download anything.

I find it a little odd that we’re getting system updates already. It speaks to the fact that Sony is rushing the PS3. Just a bit. Yup.

Version 1.02 Update
Madden 07 Requires Update
More PS3 Titles Require Update

  • Martin Hansen

    I don’t see the problem, the units that sits around with magazines does probably have a old firmware. The games they have is also a old build. This update has probably been out for developers and such for some time, they just now bring it out via the network.

  • No big surprise, some magazines have had a PS3 for a couple weeks now. Bound to be a update before launch.

  • keep in mind these updates we’re hearing about right now are for the test units that have been given to various media outlets. Odds are good the PS3 will have the latest available or at the very least will be downloadable when we first hook up.

    I don’t know why some make a big deal about this- we’ve had firmware updates ever since the PSP came out and the XBox 360 does the same with dashboard updates.

  • I dont think this is rushed out… (btw the Wii needs it too!!)

    Consistency in an assembly line is pretty much all that counts, and NEVER change a running system. If they reprogrammed the eeproms in this process, the whole system needs to be changed (in this part), so assembly would suffer pretty much.

    When I got my PSP it got 1.5 on it and the demo disc already required 2.00, so updating (w/o homebrew) would have been mandatory also…

    And other systems (mobiles, mainboards, even Windows) need upgrades once plugged in (ok, one can argue with that, that these upgrades are needed, but more often then not, they DO help).

    I just hope, they got the security system right this time (for Sonys sake). The psp was hacked right on release… But as Linux is available from launch, theres no stopping REAL homebrew with real debugging on the PS3 !! Gotta love it!

    And Henning… Your new pic somehow reminds me of R. Nixon of Futurama 😀

  • Hey!

  • Since the PS3 is being released this saturday. The Japanese PSP’s should have a update. Since I have a Japanese PSP, I’ll check it out this weekend, and let ya know what the update is like 🙂

  • Tom

    Nixon was one of the funniest characters in Futurama! 😉

    I’m not surprised. I’m hoping for big things from future PS3 updates- it’s worth remembering the PSP originally had no browser functionality and even more limited film and sound capabilities. Hopefully Sony will achieve such strides with the PS3 browser overtime.