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PS3 Playable Kiosks |

I see many reports of playable PS3 Kiosks across North America. This is probably true since there are a variety of sources and there are only 9 or 10 days until launch.

Has anyone seen one yet? Let us know if you have. I’m about to drive to my local Target to check. About two weeks ago, they had an empty PS3 area setup but I haven’t been back since then.

  • Lol, I actually went to my local target and they had a PS3 controller sticking out, but no console or demos. Maybe next week.

  • I went to my local Walmart, and they are putting TONS of xbox and gamecube games in a huge bargain bin/tower to clear enough space for PS3 and Wii kiosks and shelving. Its going to be funny seeing the PS3 kiosk in walmart, since I dont even think walmart sells the ultra-high end Bravia tvs that the games will be played on.

    My local bestbuy, its just a blank area of shelf space with a big poster talking about the PS3.

  • Darrin

    I just went to my local Target and there was the same empty PS3 area with no sign of kiosks. The clerk told me some insider Sony gossip that sounded mostly like the imaginations of a lonely store clerk.

    I bet that some stores have playable PS3 kiosks but they are just showing up slowly. They are cutting things kind of close. I would think the kiosks would show up before launch; there’s not much time left.

  • Tom

    I hates waiting! I’ve got another 4 months at least until I see my first PS3 for real!

    Still, I do want you guys to keep me posted on your experiences! Hopefully you’ll get your demo units in the next week.

  • Jay

    well, i was just told that they were shipped on the 6th (I work at Circuit City) so we should be getting it in by the end of the week, as well as getting our first shipment of the systems either this Friday or next Tuesday. If its anything like the 360 launch, it’ll be our only shipment until January or so. We will be opening our store at 8AM that day for the system’s launch. IDK how we’re going to do that for the Wii launch though, considering we supposedly have our black friday meeting that day (worst retail day ever, we open at 5AM and at about 5:02, the store is already packed)