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PS3 to Upscale DVD? Not so fast… |

Christopher sent me this article (thanks!) containing an interview with Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment’s SVP of Marketing. The interview is mostly boring stuff, but at one point they discuss DVD upscaling to 1080p. Peter Dille says that yes, of course the PS3 does that. So we all think “Yay!” and wonder at the marvel that is PS3, right?

I’m not so sure. Here, I’ll quote the part of the interview in question:

Because, that’s something that actually kind of turned some heads is when Microsoft announced 1080p support. They also announced that they were going to be adding DVD playback upscaling to 1080p, which is kind of something that is more or less unheard of in the consumer DVD playback market.

Right, so I guess from a Blu-ray perspective, Blu-ray movies are obviously 1080p capable; the Blu-ray player will upscale DVDs — your question’s about why not PS1 and PS2 games?

So you’re saying the PlayStation 3 will upscale DVDs to 1080p?

Yes. Oh, yes.


That’s part and parcel of the Blu-ray technology. I thought you were questioning about the PlayStation game aspect.

Note how Mr. Dille says “That’s part and parcel of the Blu-ray technology” ? Well, he can’t be talking about upscaling DVD’s to 1080p, because that has nothing to do with BD. Of course, displaying BD movies in 1080p is part of every Blu-ray player released so far. So do you think that maybe he was just getting a little confused? I do. Mr. Dille, in my opinion, was thinking of BD discs, not DVD discs. I’m guessing we’ll see a clarification from Sony soon.

Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment’s SVP of Marketing

  • We’ll found out next friday! I hope it does.

  • After the Xbox 360 update, I watched King Kong in 1080p on my 37″ LCD, and I must say it looked good. Not amazing, but it definately beats watching it in 480p or even 720p. But you can only do so much stretching. It really is a nice feature that these consoles have now. I was going to buy an upscaling DVD player a few months back, but I’m glad I didn’t. I plan on getting the HD-DVD addon for Xbox 360 this week. I can’t wait to checkout King Kong in true 1080p vs upscaled :).

  • That depends solely on your TVs scaler (fixed resolution displays) how good SD material looks… It makes no difference at all, if the scaler is good (i.e. Sonys are pretty good afaik).

    My LCD has a VGA input, and my HTPC can directly address the displays resolution, so my tv gets the signal upscaled… Viewing the same dvd via my ps2 via component cables, I see nearly no difference in picture quality…

  • Tom

    Dille makes a few odd statements in the article so I’m not entirely convinced he knew exactly what he was talking about! 😕

    I really hope he’s right on this point though!

  • Well, luckily upscaling is a software feature and not hardware. So if it doesnt do it out of the box, it is something that can be added.

  • nOLAN

    Bobeotm: Upscaling CAN be done through software but doesn’t look nearly as good as a hardware upscaler.

    what he is saying with conjunction to the blu-ray player and upscaling DVDs the Blu-ray drive has a HARDWARE DVD 1080p upscaler built into it so by haveing a blu=ray drive it has 1080p upscaling…