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Saw my First PS3 Commercial |

Yesterday while watching Prison Break in HD I saw my first PS3 commercial. Actually, I fast-forwarded over it the first time, but rewound when I saw what it was. The cool thing was that it was actually in HD. Most commercials, even during shows in HD, are just standard SD fare. But the PS3 rubix cube commercial was in HD.

And it was cool. I like the commercial. At first you think it’s a little bit boring, but the end makes up for it. I won’t spoil it for you. Link below.

Playstation 3 Destroys A Rubix Cube Video

  • Threepac

    The first time I saw it was during Smallville on Thursday. I have actually seen it every day since then. The last time I saw it was during Prison Break as well. Cheers!

  • I havn’t seen this one on TV yet, but I see the baby one almost everyday. The creepy baby one makes more sense with this one. I guess they are trying to show that the ps3 goes is beyond a simple toy. More lifelike than a doll, smarter than a rubix cube… I could be reading way too much into this. 🙂

  • luke

    i love the rubix cube commercial. the baby one, not so much.

  • I like it, I want to see more!

  • I disagree, while I liked the one with the rubiks cube, I just thought the one with the baby was plain wierd. Im not sure how you would interpret that but its strange.

  • I don’t like the baby one either.

  • I liked the baby one actually, sure it’s strange. But it gets people talking about it to there friends. And it spreads like wild fire.

  • I mean the baby one makes more sense now that this commercial is out, not that the baby commercial makes more sense THAN this commercial. With the rubix cube commercial, you now see that there is a theme developing, where with the baby commerical there was no frame of reference. You can now see that they will all probably feature a toy of some sort, and show that the PS3 is “B3YOND” these mere toys.