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Untold Legends Dark Kingdom has gone Gold |

The PS3 title Untold Legends has gone gold.

We knew this was planned to be released during the launch window, but it’s good news to hear that the software is completely done.

Anyone excited about this? The graphics look great and the multiplayer modes sound well developed.

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  1. Ga! Do I buy, or not? I’m a big fan of this kind of game, so I’m leaning towards yes at this point.

    Too many games!!!

  2. Animadverto

    At 2 months shy of being 30yrs old, I am finding that these types of hack & slash dungeon crawls are my favorite, Baldur’s Gate and Norrath, two of my most played games (after my soul sucking addiction to MMO’s).

    I am still torn between keeping my reserved PS3 or selling it — I wasn’t really planning on getting the 1st batch system, but couldn’t resist putting my pre-order when EbGames called my house and asked if I wanted one. (I think that means I buy a lot of games O.o)

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