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First PS3 Game Review. Genji: Days of the Blade |

IGN has posted their first PS3 final game review.


The review said the game has gorgeous visuals but the game itself isn’t very good. The game got a final score of 6.0 which as far as inflated review scores go is pretty terrible.

This is exactly what I had expected since seeing the preview videos. The graphics really do look gorgeous, but the game looks as boring as can be. For some reason, I have suspected that this game might appeal to Japanese gamers and not western gamers. Is that true?

Did anyone enjoy the earlier PS2 Genji game?

IGN Genji Review

  • Nick

    This one of those situatuons that makes you wonder…

    Is there a point in a game development where developers sit down to play the game and notice it sucks??

    I mean, this game flaws can be seen from a mile. Tons of enemies standing around waiting to be killed is not next-gen gameplay…

    Its such a shame, it could have gone the way of ninja gaiden in terms of gameplay, and it would have been a hit…

  • Martin Hansen

    I personally think genji2 looks like one of the launch titles with the best graphics. But the gameplay looks not-so-good.

    As for japanese gamers, Famitsu reviewed PS3 games and came up with 7-7-7-8 for Genji2.

  • Graphics looks amazing …… but game play looks awful. So repetitive. Looks like they spent most of there time making it look pretty then on the actual game play.

  • Darrin

    Good point with the Famitsu scores. I think this is just one of those games that only Japanese or Eastern gamers like (not love but like).

  • luke

    i didnt expect 10’s across the board for every launch game. this game doesnt surprise me.

  • Tom

    It will be interesting to see how the other sites review it, IGN usually get criticised for being too generous, but this doesn’t seem to be the case this time.

    I’m not too surprised, although I was hoping they’d sort out the issues IGN mentioned! Seems like a case of a PS2 game getting a graphical remake with some disregard for the playability.

  • Matt

    This is the problem with buying a new system at launch. Their usually isn’t a great game on launch day and the first great game might not come out for 6-12 months.

    I think this game is built more for the asian market. I would expect a bunch of launch games to get average to low scores. Hopefully their is one or two games that are must own (for launch titles).

    The games will get better but launch titles are usually rushed to make launch. First party games are usually the best of launch (or games that are ported from another same gen system or PC).

    I am curious to see how Resistance scores. That is one game that I think will be must own.

  • This was a game I knew wouldnt be too good. The first one was stiff, closed in, and somewhat repetitive. The second based on videos i saw, didnt seem to change that formula at all. Really jerky animations (from a standstill to furious attack in a split second, with not transition), and horrid camera angles. The demo video I saw had 30 second were all we could see was the boss’s ass.