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We get what we ask for: |

Many of us on this site have said that Sony should have a more active online presence that Sony needs their own online personality similar to Major Nelson. Well it looks like Sony has listened. is a recent semi-official blog for the Playstation. Is this what we wanted? Is this helping to fix the backlash among the online community against Sony?

There has definitely been a lot more optimism and excitement about the Playstation in the past month. I believe this is mainly because Sony has been actively promoting near final builds of PS3 hardware and software and many people are positively surprised. This genuine excitement about tangible products has drowned out the naysayers whose voices had filled the news void of ealier months.

threespeech is great, but by now there is already plenty of optimism and excitement and official communication from Sony. More semi-official communication is still great however and this is definitely a site that I will be watching.

What do you guys think? Is this what we had asked for?

  • We’re getting there. Unfortunately this site is having teething problems, and would often not respond when I tried to go there. Seems better now.

    And that video of the Zoo folks is funny, especially right near the end. The girl’s offer and response was funny.

  • Martin Hansen

    PS3 should get their link up at their site. They invite sites to send in links.

  • PJ

    I think this is a small step in the right direction. Sony needs to dramatically open up to the community. A good, but small, step.

  • Tom

    This is a good move, well kind of anyway! Other sites (Joystiq specifically) have reacted with heavy criticisms, but I honestly cannot see why!

    As a sort of PR person this semi-official approach is a great idea by Sony. It IS exactly the same as Major Nelson’s blog- semi-official. Do not let anyone else kid you- again, at least Sony is being honest with this approach. Major tells us that his blog is independent, same with Ozymandias, but some of the stuff that gets posted on their sites clearly has an agenda. It’s a great PR machine though- full credit to MS for going there (they have a huge number of bloggers now)!

    BTW- A lot of people have criticised a Eurogamer staffer for writing on it; now I am sorry but that’s just the way it works- Sony picked a freelancer from the UK (where the site originates); the major online site in Europe is Eurogamer… why can they not work together?! It is not a sign of “defection” or “bias”. It’s a sign of a journalist getting a pay cheque! And before you say “That is not right”, well that’s how people earn money- the guy has been pretty forward about what he does!

  • I had said before that sony didnt need a Major Nelson type of outlet. But having visited the site a few times over the past week, it is pretty nice. I like that the site is honest about its affiliation with sony and not pretending to be independent. The only thing I wish is that it had more daily content, as it stands PS3blog has more posts per day, so a semi-official blog should be literally swimming in ps3 info, so far its not. Sony news has been mostly positive recently. so it seems that their services may not be as needed as once thought.

    Joystiq harshly criticized the site, calling it misleading and saying it isnt clear about being owned by sony. Right at the top of the page in the about it says its semi-official, so what exactly is joystiq complaining about? Three Speech is definitely a step in the right direction, but as you all know blogs dont become something overnight, so it may be months from now when we can see what this turned out to be for sony.

  • Kamesen

    It seems awfully lonely over at right now. I invite you nice fokes to take a walk over to the site and post some comments. Cheers!