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Eggs in PS3’s Face? |

I think that if you like the PS3 you’ll like these commercials. If you’re a Sony hater, you won’t like them. Well, that’s my personal opinion at any rate, feel free to disagree.

Here’s the latest PS3 commercial, showing off the SIXAXIS controller. I like it!

As I was writing this I asked my 5 year old daughter if she wanted to see a funny commercial, and I showed it to her. At the end she exclaims “That’s not funny at all!”

Sony Rolls Out the Eggs

  • bobeotm

    I totally agree. People who hate sony at all costs wont like ANY commercial they make. The ps3 commercials have been getting increasingly better, from the baby, to the rubix cube, to the controller. I wonder when they are going to update the site, it still only has the two videos it started with.

  • I’ve been checking that site a lot lately why no videos other than the first 2?

  • At least its better than the baby one.

  • ooo i like this one.

  • have you seen the crap adverts we get in Europe?

  • Don’t egt me wrong, I relly want a PS3, but I don’t really care for these commercials. I mean, the connectionis obvious, I just am confused that this is the way Sony would go with this stuff. I did like the one with the rubiks cube, but the baby and now this one just strike me as weird. I suppose that its not much wierder than those “Jump In” commercials that Microsoft ran for the 360 which just showed people jumping rope. What were those about??? 🙂

    Luckily i don’t allow ANY commercial to change my views on somehting, so i’ll still get one.

  • i would say im a ps3 hater, but i admit to be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t so freaking expensive id probabbly be getting one.

    Anyway, not normally a fan of sony, but i really liked the rubiks cube advert (baby one just worrying), this one just shows the cheap rip-off that is the tilt sensors in the controller though,
    full motion sensors>rumble
    half assed motion sensors

  • luke

    someone please explain this one to me lol. and exactly what is wrong with the ps3’s motion sensors?

  • Nothing really Luke, its just some folks are a bit bitter that Sony announced the added functionality after nintendo announced their Wiimote. I think its bit of a moot point being that sony couldnt have possible developed the controllers motion sensing in the few months between TGS 05 and E3 06. Obviously it was something they had been working on, but perhaps didnt decide to include it until nintendo’s announcent. Copycat or not, I could care less, its a value add. Besides, its more than a coincidence that both the Wii and 360 can be stored herizontally and vertically, the PS2 was the first to have such a design. Where’s the bitterness for that? 🙂

  • The Wii can sense the controller’s position. You can’t do that with the PS3’s controller. The PS3 can just detect changes in position, not absolute position.

    From what I can gather…

  • I’m not a big fan of the ps3 yet.. (lack of games that I* want to play. In fact, the first game I will play on it is FF12 go figure 😛 ) But I love all the commericals. And over all I think they are better than the first 360 ones minus the jump rope and water fight ones. 😛