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Game Delays |

  • Sonic is delayed until mid-December. However, Sonic will have downloadable content on day one. I hope this is really a positive thing and not just part of the game that they will charge extra for.
  • Oblivion is delayed until Q1 2007
  • F.E.A.R is delayed until Q1 2007

After Tony Hawk and Genji both got disappointing reviews, this isn’t the best week for PS3 launch games. On the bright side:

For the final two months of 2006, we will get a really good taste, we will finally experience the hardware (either first hand or through others), blu-ray, some online distribution, and a limited selection of amazing content. Resistance still looks amazing and other titles like Untold Legends, Rainbox Six, and Call of Duty have good potential as well. That’s a lot to enjoy for two months.

But it will be in 2007 when we really get the full PS3 experience. There is a huge amount of PS3 content throughout the entire year. There’s a lot to look forward to and it’s all about start within the next week.

  • At least Rainbow Six didn’t get delayed 🙂 I was worried about that.

  • I’m sure they’re all deciding that it’s better to hold fire and wait until there is at least some amount of systems out there before they ship their games, lest their games seem old and stinky by the time anyone has the machine.