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Japanese Sony PS3 Games are Cheap |

Japanese Sony PS3 games are cheap. Relatively speaking, of course. Sony plans to keep their PS3 game prices in line with PS2 game prices. In other words, they want to price their games at the equivalent of $41 – $58. The pricing of the first wave of launch titles is set at 5,980 Yen, or about $51.

Now, you may say “Hey, that’s not cheap!”. But compared to all the dire predictions of $100 next-gen games, it is cheap indeed. In North America, it looks like prices will tend to be $59US, which is on the expensive side, but still doable.

For me, “doable” doesn’t necessarily mean I want to do it all the time. I’m still going to look for used PS3 games because that’s what I do now for my PS2.

My questions to you are: do you think $59 is a good price point? Do you think we’ll get cheaper games than that?

Cheap First Party PS3 Pricing to Continue

  • Dreamworker

    I do think the $59 price point for games is a bit high, but for the mainstream American economy, it is about right (doable). And yes, it will always only be a matter of time before we start to see budget titles released for PS3. I’m almost certain first party SCE games will start going for the $41-$50 price point before long. It was the same thing with the PS2.

  • luke

    Am I the only one that rents 90% of the games i play.

  • I used to rent more, until the local Blockbusters and Rogers both increased their rates. It costs over $10 to rent a game!

  • luke

    ^get the gamepass. 30 days unlimited rentals for 20 bucks.