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My Walmart PS3 Trip |

Last night I went by my local Walmart looking for those PS3 games that are supposedly already on sale. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any games for sale. But I saw that they had cleared sections for Wii and PS3 in anticipation of hardware and software for those platforms. They also had a flyer for the PS3 that I picked up. It was a four-page flyer, but it was bilingual, so two pages were worthless to me. If I remember (or if you guys bug me) I’ll take some pics and post them up.

As I was driving out of the parking lot I saw to very wide (but no so tall) banners hung on their garden center’s wall. The Wii one was pretty much white, and the PS3 one was the one with PS3’s used as a skyline.

  • My local target in “Armpit of the USA” Alabama already has a PS3 kiosk. Unfortunately they dont have the stand alone version, but the “Walmartized” attached-to-software cabinet version. The controller is on an armature, allowing for a wide range of movement (apparently anticipating motion sensing games), and the PS3 is displayed inside the cabinet where the games will be (currently empty). Wii on the other hand, was an end-of-aisle sort of display, lots of lights and signs, but simultaneously very boring. It was not interactive, just a wii sitting on a glowing pedestal, with a very informercially video playing. They are really playing up the “old folks can do it too” vibe, and it comes off more as a novelty than a games system. The video featured almost entirely grandpas and little girls, with an older woman talking “wierd”.

  • Darrin

    bobeotm, you’re lucky you at least got to see it. Was it running demos? I assume you couldn’t play it.

    I stopped by Walmart last night and Target this morning: nothing. No PS3 kiosks or Wii kiosks at all. I was thinking though, my city (Austin, TX) has probably a dozen Walmarts and a dozen Targets and two dozen GameStop type stores. I bet some of them have kiosks but I have no interest in driving to different stores. I’ll sure I’ll see one in 7 days, when this thing launches.

  • WarriorDesign82

    You inspired me to go check the local mall. We do have a Sony style store after all! Guess what? They had a PS3, and I played it! I played NBA 07 and motostorm! It was displayed on a 720P S series (not a bravia), and the graphics looked awesome I must say. Cant wait to play on my 40″ Bravia 1080P

  • It was the same at target. Motorstorm and NBA 07, motorstorm was fun, but nba was well what one would expect from yet another basketball game. I went into the xmb, and there were trailers for lair and many other games, in music, it simply had sample songs. I didnt check photos. The tv used for the kiosk was not a bravia, but it was hard to tell what it was exactly (the whole thing was encased in a durable plastic shell.