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NYKO Peripherals |

NYKO has announced 3 peripherals for the upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 launch.

Dual Charger AC

This peripheral allows you to charge up to two PS3 wireless controllers by plugging them into the wall. Kinda cool, I guess. Makes me wonder, though, if the PS3 can charge controllers even when the PS3 is off. Because off doesn’t always mean off. In which case, the usefullness of such a cable drops a little bit, in my mind. It will retail for $24.99.

HDMI Cable

NYKO is also selling a plain-jane HDMI cable, in case you don’t win one for free in our HDMI cable giveaway contest. This HDMI cable will sell for $29.99 more than free.

Charge Link

The Charge Link is also used to charge PS3 controllers, but this one seems to be just a normal USB cable with a mini-plug on one end. The handy thing is that it’s 10 feet long. Just (?) $14.99.


  • 🙂 My HDMI cable was $5. On the charging peripherals ….. I’ll pass for now.

  • Why would one need a Charge link. ITS A FRIGGEN USB CABLE THAT YOU CAN GET FOR 5 BUCKS! Not to mention that one comes with system, and one is packaged with every controller. And how exactly is plugging your controller in a wall outlet MORE convenient that simply plugging it into the system itself to charge? Nyko is apparently stumped when it comes to what accessories to make for the PS3. Its not like the Wii, which upon last visit to Target, an accessory bonanza (of equally useless crap).

    BTW, PS3s are in Targets now!!!!! I spent quite a bit of quality time with the system, going though the XMB, playing a few games. Motorstorm was an earlier build it seems, since it had the sluggishly slow feeling that many reviews said has since been fixed.

  • Cool stuff. This weekend I’m going to try to find a PS3 somewhere to try.