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Poll: Launch Day PS3 for You? |

Just one week away from the launch of the PS3. The guys at work keep reminding me. “Only 11 days left, Henning!” etc. So even if my biological clock didn’t go past the 17th, my friends and coworkers would be enough. I also get the inevitable questions about whether or not I’ll be picking one up on launch day. So I explain that I do have a pre-order at Toys ‘R’ Us, and that I’m on the top of the list. (Although the Toys ‘R’ Us employee would only confirm that I was near the top.)

So for all of you out there who might be interested: yes I plan to have a PS3 on launch day.

Will you?

Answer in the sidebar as always. Last time I got 167 responses. Let’s try for more this time!!!

Previous poll results:

Do you plan to use the PS3’s web browser?

* I plan to use it a lot.: 53% (89)
* A little.: 29% (49)
* Just to check out.: 12% (20)
* Not at all.: 5% (9)

Total Votes : 167

  • I was 1st in line @ gamespot so I’m getting mine. It’s all payed for already as well 😀

  • luke

    i didnt pre-order, but im prepared for a campout.

  • agent864

    I’ve been stalking the costco preorder webpage. Today the ps3 preorder page disappeared I thought it was ready for an updated. It then reappeared with the NOTIFY ME gone, so I wonder if I missed the preorder opportunity or if they decided to cancel PS3 preorders. oh well.

  • Lol, stalking the costco pre-order webpage. Maybe they got too many requests for notify me, and they choose to remove it ……

  • Rather

    Your line position when you pre-ordered makes no difference. I am #16 out of 16, and the clerk told me that if anything, he would be sure to hold mine since I was the only one to pay the $600 in full. Also said he anticipates no problem filling all 16 orders anyway. I hope he’s right but I am still reserving judgment till next Friday.

  • Maffy

    I clicked ‘Yes!’ despite the fact I am in the UK. Do I count?

    My launch day PS2 is sitting next to me, so I like to think I will be one of the first pre-ordering my PS3!

  • If you havent preordered, the best bet to secure one is to pick an obscure retailer that people dont normally think to go to. Like avoid the bestbuys and circuit citys, and instead and go to places like Sears, Kmart, Sams, etc. These places no one thinks to line up at, and sometimes you can just walk in and get one, because people didnt think to go there.

  • Rather: I talked to the people at my Toys ‘R’ Us, and position in line definitely does make a difference. Why? Because they took more pre-orders than units they’re going to get. So who gets one is determined by date of pre-order.