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Japan: 88,400 PS3s sold over weekend |

Reuters reports that 88,400 PS3s were sold in Japan during the launch weekend. We all knew there would be a shortage and that the supply wouldn’t meet demand. However, we were skeptical about how many units Sony would actually ship. Well Reuters reports that they shipped 100K and 88.4K were sold.

You have to wonder what happened to the other 11.6K. I would guess that either they are stuck in the distribution channel or they were shipped late or maybe some sales channels might not have been counted. However, I don’t know these supply chain issues that well.

Anyway, good news that Sony has reportedly met their recent shipment estimates of 100K for Japan. This is a good sign that North America will get the 400K that they’ve announced this Friday. I can’t wait!

Sony sold 88,400 PS3s in Japan in 2 days: publisher

  • Martin Hansen

    It’s probably reuters that missed the downscale news from 100 K to 80 K earlier. But Sony actually ended up delivering more than 80 K. And some is of course stuck in distribution. It’s good news they sold/delivered 8 K more than expected.

  • I heard somewhere that Sony aims to update Japan with more PS3’s every week. Trying to remember where I put that URL…

  • I’ve heard that as well. I hope North America gets new shipments every week or 2.

  • PartbOY

    Reuters doesnt “miss news” the 100,000 down to 80,000 was never an annoucement by Sony, it was reported by a small site on the internet and the snowball effect began. After all the negativity is starting to turn around, Japan 100k launch, NA is getting at least 400k and the Europe launch is still set for March despite rumours otherwise.

  • Here’s the link you were looking for:

    Its towards the bottom of the article, they’re supposedly planning on shipping 100,000 units every week.

  • Darrin

    lol partboy!