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PS3 BD Playback Very Nice |

Now that the PS3 is in people’s hands, people have been testing its capabilities. One person over at AVS Forum reported his findings when using the PS3 as a BD player.

How long does it take to boot up? It “takes 10 seconds to boot up the movie. the ps3 loading time from power on to menu is about 4 seconds. so total 14 seconds“.

What about picture quality? “[I] also i tested today the samsung player with the ps3 with the samsumg 46 inch plasma player we have at work. and i can tell you the ps3 picture quality is far better then the samsung. i am truelly surprised. remeber 8th below is soft looking. well playing the movie with the ps3 it totall renders the soft image away. and show a very natural movie display.not that it will be raor sharp. but natural looking image. how i would expect the movie to look like. the movie picture i was hoping to see.

The thread has more about other movies, it makes for an interesting read.

Oh, and one more thing. HDMI to DVI? Works just fine.

AVS Forum
i GOT the PS3. aks me anything you like about movie playback

  • That’s good to hear! I can’t wait to watch blu-ray movies on the PS3 😀

  • Animadverto

    Awesome – great info ! 🙂