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Army of Two HD Game Trailer |

I’m really looking forward to Army of Two, a two-player co-op game. I prefer playing games with other people versus playing alone – it’s more social and more fun. Army of Two, though, isn’t near completion, so I don’t really know all that much about the game. When a game is so far from release, we get spoon-fed little tidbits about upcoming games, like this video. (The video is for the Xbox 360 version, though the PS3 version should be similar.) It looks pretty cool, take a gander. Unfortunately, it doesn’t behave too well when streaming so hopefully it plays better for you than it did for me. You do have the option of downloading it, which I did when the streaming version failed for me. Worked like a charm.

Army of Two Gameplay Trailer in High Definition

  • domaininform

    that looks so sick I can wate to play!!!! it gona be awesome

  • luke

    they sound like bob and steve. i cant wait to play it tho.

  • Ha ha! That’s right. Bob and Steve are funny, which is a dynamic you wouldn’t expect from a game like this.

  • ben

    awesome trailer n the graphics are on a par with brothers in arms.

  • DEN’s domain

    I can’t wate to play. what a game I tell you! this is what next gen is all about!