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Afrika |


When asked about Afrika, Phil Harrison answered:

The game is non-violent, as you would expect.

As we would expect? I don’t know what everyone else is expecting, but I was expecting that large African wildlife would kill and eat each other. What else do animals do? Yes, they sleep and raise offspring and groom. But a fundamental part of animals is eating and avoiding being eaten. That’s the most exciting thing to watch. Have you ever watched a lion or a crocodile? Usually it’s either just laying around or it’s trying to kill something.

The mystery continues…

  • as someone who actually bought and played aquanaut’s holiday on the ps1, i can’t wait for this title 😀

  • I think its going to be something along the lines of pokemon snap. A game where you photograph wildlife, based on the TGS trailer, it seems thats exactly what it is. They are still remaining mum on the game, but there has to be something up their sleeves about this game, or else why the secrecy?

  • Maybe it’s just not that good?