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PLAYB3YOND.COM – High Definition |

Sony’s PLAYB3YOND.COM website has added a third cool video to its lineup.

First were Smarter and Capacity. Now it’s Higher Defnition’s turn. It’s a pretty cool video, I like it. Check it out.



  • Yay, finally a new video. Pretty cool too.

  • Nyah… I dont know. They speek of Blu Ray and HD and whatnot and show prerendered Cutscenes of games…

    Not that these dont look good, but having finally seen REAL 1080P material (Swat non the less) I can really say, good shot movies still look much better than that (I am a proud owner of the HK uncut DVD version of Sin City, which, in my eyes, is the DVD with the best picture quality I’ve ever seen… Btw. its hard to get your hands on 18+ material in good ol’ Germany… Btw2. the HK version is NOT copy protected :D)

    So I am off now, I need to party my passed exam in “Werkstoffkunde 1/2” (technology and materials science over 2 terms)!!

  • Darrin

    Segitz, these aren’t really serious videos. These are just really fun and flashy videos to get you excited about PS3.

    Congratz on materials science, Segitz! Sounds like an interesting course.

  • Red_H

    Hi there Guys , I’ve just surfed to the Playb3yond website but I cant get this Higher Def video option to play, When I scroll over the High Def option I get the coming soon option.
    Does anyone know if this site is region sensitive as I’m from London , England.

  • Sorry, dunno man.

  • Playstationeer

    Its not country specific… you just need to clear your cache.

  • There are some realtime scenes in the video, some of it is prerendered cutscenese of Genji, but there are Realtime cutscenes intersperced her and there. For a graphics whore like myself, its pretty easy to pick them out. I guess if you couldnt tell which was which, they did a pretty good job at convincing you.

  • Darrin

    Red_H, I got the exact same thing. I had to do a manual refresh in my browser and then the link worked.

  • zingzang

    Control is now up too – that’s 4 out of 5 plus games which may or may not be a movie.