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PS3 Manhattan Mania |

CNET has a few pictures of some people camping out for PS3’s in Manhatten. Those crazy guys! I guess we all show our enthusiasm for the PS3 in different ways. Me, I create this site and along with a couple other people talk about the PS3. I’ve been doing it since March of 2005.

Other people wait outside in the cold for days before launch. That’s something I refuse to do. I’m getting older and wiser, and while I am looking forward to owning a PS3, camping is where I draw the line. I just don’t have the time or inclination to camp out for a PS3. If I don’t get one on Friday, I know I’ll get one eventually. (The sooner the better of course.) My bones are just too old for it. And besides, I have a family, mortgage, and a job. Those kind of get in the way.

I’m not saying those people waiting in line are idiots or anything like that. It’s a free world, and they can do what they want. Hmmm. Makes me kind of wonder. Are any of you going to camp out?

Photos: PS3 mania in Manhattan

  • francois

    I am going to show up around 5h30am on nov 17th at my local BB, this is the limit I can endure to get one. If too much people are in line, I will go to Wallmart nearby which open a 7h am, if I can’t get one there. My last chance will be to go to a nearby Loblaws grocery store where they told me they would get 10 units.

    I hope I get get the number of unit they have at my BB so I can decide to stay in line or not thursday morning.

  • I know a guy in New York and he went out to check the lines Tuesday night and there was 37 people waiting @ best buy already! So he went to Walmart and he was the first in the line there. But about 30 minutes after he got the 10 more people showed. Man this is nuts! I’m actually camping today after work.

  • You’re a braver man than I.