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PS3 Games Poorer Cousins |

So Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Need for Speed: Carbon, and Call of Duty 3 all look worse on the PS3 than their Xbox 360 counterparts, according to reviews I’ve read. (On IGN and Gamespot.)

What’s up with that? I’m disappointed. Very disappointed.

What do you think folks? Is it because these are first-gen titles on the PS3, but second-gen titles on the Xbox 360? Or does the problem go deeper than that? Will PS3 titles surpass Xbox 360 titles in graphics quality, or will they stay behind? Or will they end up being about equal?

  • Dreamworker

    It’s nothing to fret over. It’s a given that games developed for spanking-new hardware will have its drawbacks compared to the quality of the games on hardware that’s been out for 1 year.

  • bazzer

    Who cares?

    Seriously though non of these games really show wht the Xbox 360 is capable of either, it’s the exclusive titles that show what both consoles can do.

  • Don’t forget Ridge Racer…

  • Martin Hansen

    I think PS3 will be better than 360, but not much. Not only is 2nd generation 360 games compared to 1st generation PS3 games, but 360 does have a well know CPU (3 of them), but the PS3 brings a whole new concept to the table. Also I recon since 360 was first to market it is also the lead SKU(?) for these games. All this goes in favor for the 360… for now.

    I do not think the PS3 will be much better at graphics alone, but I think it will be better at displaying more on screen at once. Resistance is a good example of this. A lot of calculations is done with all these crasy weapons. Like the spike grenade.

  • Syriad

    i dont know about Marvel, but the problem lies with Activision for CoD3 and Tony Hawk. Basically on a 360 these 2 games do not natively render in 720p. The 360 has built into the system a scaler which upscales these 2 games to 720p, you wouldnt really be able to tell the difference but its there. The PS3 lacks this feature, so rather than upscale CoD3 and Tony Hawk had to be made to run natively in 720p, and of course because of this the frame rates suffer. The reason that they were downgraded on the 360 was to avoid these frame rate problems. The sad thing is that the game can be released on both this incredibly high powered systems and still not be able to have a steady frame rate in high definition resolution.

  • Emil

    Now that PS3 has been released, I’ve made up my mind: I’m going for X360.

    Because money matters, I can only afford one. And I’ve read reviews and reviews comparing PS3 vs X360. Xbox seams to be a winner (for me).

    Price: Xbox wins
    Hardware: I’ll guess PS3 wins here
    Graphics: Well, I’ve seen some game screenshot. Xbox wins.
    OS Menu: Xbox is clearly the winner. PS3 plays safe for going simple.
    Games: I only play Tekken on PS. This is a tie for both since I love Halo too.
    Asthetic Designs: Xbox wins here.
    Online: Xbox wins here.

    So for me… my choice is now clear

  • There are lots of reasons for buying an Xbox 360 versus a PS3, but I have to disagree with some of yours.

    Price: Agree. Xbox wins
    Hardware: Agree. PS3 wins
    Graphics: Disagree. Even though the 1st gen titles may have problems, it’s really too early to call.
    OS Menu: Disagree. I like the simplicity of Sony’s design.
    Games: Agree. Tie. (It’s up to each person’s tastes.)
    Asthetic Design: Disagree. I like the PS3 better, but this is a personal thing too.
    Online: Agree. Xbox wins.

  • some comments:

    price: xbox wins as long as you’re not interested in high definition disc formats.
    graphics: waaay to early to tell.
    games: completely to taste. also too early to tell imho.

  • JordanR


    They should have put more for textures, less for cell. Plus 96MB is killed for the OS.

    My guess is that a workaround will be found, and OS memory will be reduced, but not for a while.

    Let’s see how Merc 2 works out.

  • Darrin

    This is bad news. Several cross platform games look worse on the PS3? All the other bad news recently is nonsense: who cares about obscure HDTV’s that don’t do 720p or 1080p, the backward compatibility issues aren’t that bad (although I hope they get fixed), and the rumored launch quantity reductions are probably completely bogus. But this is actual bad news. You’d think with the PS3 coming out a full year later, it would easily match the 360.

    On the bright side:
    – Not all titles are reported to be worse on PS3. Some games like Madden have minor improvements from the 360 and no mentioned downsides.
    – These are launch day titles. Developers probably had to rush to get these ready. Software libraries and middleware probably aren’t completely mature.
    – Even some of the games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance might look less polished overall on the PS3, but they do have some improvements compared to the 360.
    – Let’s wait to see how the other launch window titles shake out.

  • Darrin

    Games: Not a tie. Definitely highly subjective, but so is everything. But, IMO, PS3 has a way better upcoming game lineup for a variety of tastes. And it’s current lineup is better if you factor in recent PS2 hits.

    Online: Worse? The PS3 will match the 360 in terms of multiplayer and online content. The 360 will probably excel in cross game invites and standardized functionality, but the PS3 will excel in attracting more MMOs and more involved online titles like Second Life due to the added freedoms that Sony allows the developers.

  • Pc

    All i have to say is .. Look at motorstorm and lair…. i played motorstorm today and i have to say that its graphics rival that of gears of war !! no joke…. driving with the six axis was the best experience i have had with a game since i was little !!!

  • Darrin

    Good point PC. Motorstorm is reportedly really smooth and the graphics are awesome. I just hope these framerate problems on third party titles are just due to premature libraries and software tools.

  • ehandlr

    Every single one of those games are Xbox 360 ports. They were designed to run on the 360 and ported to the PS3. Blame the developers on this one.

  • It wont be long when ps3 multiplatform games look exactly like xbox 360 games. We have to keep in mind that one system has been finalized and known for over a year, and the other hasnt been finalized until a couple of months ago, not to mention its a completely new architecture. Sony’s first party will do a good job in the coming months at showing a “playstation difference”. Since most of these games were ports, rushed ports at that, they didnt bother to take the time to make it look as good as it can on the ps3, instead they rushed it onto the shelves to get those holiday dollars.

  • Anonymous

    Xbox360 provides the better value today unless you are a devotee of games made by Japanese developers and must have a blue ray player. However, I have been playing the only PS3 killer app “OBLIVION” ( to be released this year) for months now on my 360. If you look at the upcoming game line up for 360 its a ‘no brainer”–the Xbox 360 wins. Buy a 360 just to play gears of war–it is that good a game.

  • Paul

    Ok my opinion on COD3 on PS3 and X360. It is the same engine as COD2 with just a few extra textures and animations. So the COD2 launch title for X360 is, I believe, I good comparision to COD3 launch title for PS3.

    I believe the PS3 runs slower (and the reviews had said game hurting slow along with bugs) only because Developers are still getting use to the PS3’s appearently much harder programing and were rushing to get the title out for launch. Maybe they should have just waited until after x-mas to release it.

    I hope the programing diffculities side levels off and it is not something that hurts the system thoughout with life cycle. Anyone know what Sony’s development software is like in this generation?

  • Amish.Gramish

    These are FIRST GENERATION PS3 games!!!
    It’s amazing that they are all looking a lot better than a lot of Xbox 360 games nowadays, with this being the 360’s second generation of games.

  • Bear

    I can’t believe the $ony fan boys here.
    1st. Sony showed off demos in 2005 that were “apparently” running real time on PS3 dev kits. So either they were fake or those same developers have suddenly forgotten all those prgramming skills they had for E3 2005. What happened to Motor Storm from the E3 2005 demo?
    2nd. Sony and all their retarded fan boys were saying how the PS3 was MANY times more powerful than 360. That games would looks SO much better. Now they are trying to make excuses as to why the games don’t look AS good.
    3rd. Most developers have stated that both the PS3 and 360 are equal in power.
    4th. Assassins cread was proof the fan boys said of how PS3 was more powerful than 360. Opps, now its comming to 360. Not only does the developers say that they will look the same but they have stated that the AI will be superior on 360.
    5th. The launch games on PS3 were no better than 360. Go back and read the reviews.
    6th. Sony have forced people to spend extra for Blu-ray. M$ have given people the option for HD DVD as an add on.
    It’s about time for the Sony fan boys to wake up and realize that Sony lied to you. Just like they did with PS2. Emotion engine anyone? Games will look similar on both platform. Some games will look a little better on 360 while others will look a little better on PS3. Which ever one you buy will perform just as good as the other. So enjoy.

  • I don’t care how much people scream that Microsoft gives a CHOICE. I don’t see Microsoft offering a BD drive.

    Anyway, I like my BD drive, and have already watched a couple movies. Unfortunately, even though two of the movies I watched looked great, I didn’t care for the content. I didn’t even finish watching “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. I just thought it was stupid. And Taladega Nights was stupid too, I don’t know why I sat through the whole thing.

  • P

    BD drive? I guess you mean Blue Ray Drive, ie: BR Drive.

    MS likes HD-DVD. Most companies support it and it has been getting better reviews on quality, extra content and menu abilities. BR may catch up, but they need to start using better codec’s for video. Watching the same movie in a store it is easy to tell that HD-DVD is superior, atleast on high quality TV’s.

  • BD = Blu-ray Disc. That’s the official short-form.

    I’ve watched several BD movies now on my system using my PS3, and even the MPEG2 ones look great.

  • Bear

    Wii is out selling PS3!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last place for Sony in this console war?