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PS3 has resolution issues |

So you’ve got an HDTV? And you have that PS3 pre-order? And you have a component or HDMI cable? You might think you’re set for HDTV gaming.

Well it is not so cut and dry if latest reports are to be believed. If you own an early HDTV which can only display 1080i, but not 720p, games like Resistance will be downscaled to 480p. Apparently the problem is that the PS3 does not upscale games to 1080i, although 1080i is an option on the PS3’s XMB.

The PS3’s upscaling capability could be something of a problem. We already know that PSOne and PS2 games are not upscaled by the PS3, something that the xbox360 does with original xbox games. We also know the PS3 does not upscale DVDs. Is this a design oversight? Or is this something that Sony can work on for a future firmware update?

IGN- PS3 Downscales 720p on Incapable TVs

  • Martin Hansen

    Is there TV’s that have 1080i and not 720p? Strange.. Well, I’m all set, I have a TV with 720p and 1080i.

  • Tom

    Yep, particularly older CRT based sets by the sounds of it. If you live in Europe though I think that all TVs that display “HD Ready” must support both 720p and 1080i. Now all we need is the console!

  • Older CRT HDTV’s do 1080i but not 720p. its not a problem for Europe as we only have 720p HDTV’s.

  • nekosaur

    “its not a problem for Europe as we only have 720p HDTV’s”

    uhh, yeaah..
    i don’t know where you live but in sweden we’ve got more than just 720p HDTVs 🙂

  • This is a big deal. Up until now there were few Sony blunders that I really thought were really serious. But this one is serious.

    When I first read this I had a small panic attack. I have an older HDTV set, which displays everything at 1080i or 540p. But thinking about it I realized that yes indeed, my set does accept 720p. Whew! Bullet dodged, hmmm. Or did I?

    If I connect my PS3 to my HDTV with an HDMI-DVI cable, like I was planning to, what is going to happen in the handshake? The TV will tell my PS3 that it does 1080i. So the PS3 will not know that my set accepts 720p, and downconvert to 480p. Maybe. The handshake might also include something like “I do 1080i but also accept 720p”. But I have no idea. I guess I won’t know until I hook up my PS3.

    If this is a problem, I’ll have to use component video cables instead of HDMI/DVI. Which would suck.

    I’m upset that Sony would blunder like this. They should know better!

  • The upscaling with the Xbox games within the 360 works afaik different.

    If you take a look at PCSX with PetesOGL plugin, you can render internally higher than the original resolution…

    I think, the 360 does the same, but I am just speculating here (because the picture quality difference is TOO big, for just being upscaled. If the original game is rendered in 480P then upscaled, there is NO MORE fidelity in the picture!)

    Thank god my TV is 720P 😀

    In Europe (at least Germany) there is NO CRT which is HD READY as of yet (except one, which bears this award, which it may not, because its highest resolution is 640 lines and it must bei 720), so no problem for us here… Maybe some strange LCD or Plasma of the early builds have problems, but I doubt that!

    Sadly but good for us, HDTVs were introduced pretty late in Europe, hence we dont have this problem, as HD READY forbids such things from the ground up… Ok, NTSC is much WORSE than PAL, so I can understand that the Japs and US forced HD earlier…

  • PJ

    This is a very big deal. I think the outcry/bad PR on this will be big enough that this will be one of Sony’s first firmware fixes.

    If MS can upgrade their resolution through firmware, Sony surely can too, right?

  • Robert

    If you connect by component cables how could the PS3 know what resolution your TV supports. I believe my TV accepts 720p and 1080i but can only display either 540p or 1080i. It must accpet it oterwise how could I see HDABC isn’t that 720p?

    So is this only an issue when connected by DVI-HDMI and the handshake with the set says it only accepts 1080i. Does anyone own such a set and how do they watch HDABC even over component?

  • If you connect by component, you must tell the PS3 what resolution to put out.

    If you connect by HDMI, then a handshake occurs. I don’t know how the handshake interacts with your settings. I assume that if you try to force a resolution the display doesn’t support, it won’t be allowed. Unlike component, where the PS3 would just put it out anyway and the TV would just have to deal with it.

  • Ahmad Dawood

    I think that upscailing gonna consume/exhust the system resources (CELL, RAM.. etc). many folks are sugesting that XBOX 360′ s upscaling to 1080p feature gonna make a drop in the FPS rtio.

  • Steeler

    No, there is no hit in FPS with the XBOX 360 doing 1080p. The hardware has always been capable of those reslutions. MS has had that “upgrade” up their sleeve from the start. Many think on purpose knowing the PS3 would do 1080p. At any rate, how could Sony mess this up? Many of the older CRT’s and Projection HDTV were wither 480p/1080i or 480p/720p. Remember that hardware manufacturers were all debating which was better. A huge percentage of HDTVs currently in home will be affected. One of my TV’s is in that boat. My newer one is not but I didn’t want to hook it up to that TV. I don’t see how Sony can fix this aside from giving everyone a scaler. In this case a firmware upgrade won’t help. FRICK FRICK FRICK.

  • George

    I have an older HDTV that will only display 1080i. However, if I check BOTH the 720p and 1080i options in the ps3’s settings, my TV will upscale the games with 720p support, resulting in a much better picture than if they were running in 480p.

    The problem with this is that the ps3 prefers 720p to 1080i, so If I’m playing a game that does support 1080i, I have to go to my ps3’s settings and un-check the 720p option or the ps3 will run the game in 720p and my TV upscales it which gives me noticably worse picture quality than running the games in 1080i.

    Why would the ps3 prefer to run games at a lower resolution (720p instead of 1080i)? Is progressive really so much better than interlaced that 720p would be better than 1080i? And why the hell do so many games that support up to 1080p resolution on X360 only have up 720p on ps3?