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I Have my PS3! |

I am currently downloading the MotorStorm demo (456MB) so while I had a moment I thought I’d go online.

I got to my Toys ‘R’ Us store at about 8:15 this morning, and it was a ghost town. I had no problems getting my PS3, there was only one other person there. I think that they didn’t have any PS3’s for the general public – just for preorders. But I’m just guessing. I picked up Resistance (the last one), Call of Duty 3, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I was required to buy a second controller, which was fine, and I actually wanted to buy an additional two, but they didn’t have enough for that. And they didn’t have any memory card adapters either. So after purchasing my PS3, 3 games, and extra controller, I went to Best Buy which was very close by. They didn’t have a memory card adapter either (and neither did Future Shop right next door). Doh! But I did pick up two extra controllers and The Transporter on BD. So now I own The Terminator, The Transporter, MI3, and Talladega Nights on BD. The last one came free with my PS3.

Speaking of which, I would take a picture of my PS3 and post it, except my wife took the digital camera for the weekend. (Along with the kids, so I can’t complain.) I have a new cellphone with a camera (my first ever cellphone), so maybe I can figure something out.

Oop, MotorStorm just finished downloading (that didn’t take long – 11 minutes). Now it’s installing.

Anyway, the first thing I did was apply the update, which I had saved on my PSP’s MemoryStick. I downloaded it from onto my PC, then used my PC to transfer it to the \ps3\update folder on my MemoryStick (I had to create those folders). I stuck in in my PS3. (Ooop, install is done. I guess I’ll finish typing this up first!) When I chose system update, I was given the choice of going online or using local storage. I did the latter, and the PS3 found the update, copied it from the MemoryStick, and applied it. No problems whatsoever.

I created an account. I am now Blackstaffer! (If you read the books by L.E. Modessit Jr., you’ll know what that is.) So look me up online.

While I had my MemoryStick in the PS3, I checked out the photos, which was cool. I played the videos just fine.

Then I tried Resistance: Fall of Man. Sure enough, I got that 720p problem. I had configured my PS3 to put out 1080i. That’s a bad idea. So I went back to the system settings, made my PS3 put out 720p, went back to Resistance, and all was fine. I’m lucky my TV accepts and scales 720p. I played Resistance for a bit, and it’s a lot of fun. I’m just in try-out mode now, though, so I haven’t spent a lot of time there. I did go online quickly to see what was going on, and found three games that I could join (unranked).

Then I tried M:UA for just a bit, and I think it’s a cool game. Except for the camera. It’s too jerky, and quite annoying at times.

Then I tried the webbrowser. A disappointment, there. The first website I visited, of course, was, and it looked like crap. Everything was all placed wrong, images weren’t scaled properly, etc. Yuck. I hope they fix this up.

Well, hopefully I’ll be able to get a pic for you guys soon.

Any questions? I’ll be checking in again in a few hours. I’m going to go try the MotorStorm demo, eat lunch, and then try some BD movies.

  • Pc

    Thats awesome man !!! I had no luck scoring my PS3 lastnight unfortunately. 🙁 I went ahead and picked up a extra controller and Resistance so ill be ready once i get my system. The damn game is taunting me from the corner of my room !!!!

  • I sent ya a friend invite, Henning!

  • Emil

    I have a question about the SIXAXIS !!!

    Is it accurate? Most of the pressure sensitive button on both Xbox/PS2 were kinda USELESS especially in Dead or Alive series.

    So what can you say about its TILTING?

  • Pc

    Guys…I have a question .
    Do any of you know which bluetooth headsets work with the PS3 because i have a game, a extra controller, and i want to go ahead and get a headset so ill have everything needed by the time i get the console.

  • Rather

    Great news buddy! Well got to go, back to sticking my head in the oven.

  • More impressions:

    MotorStorm rocks! Using the SIXAXIS tilt to control a vehicle is a lot of fun. Though I found it a bit too sensitive, especially when controlling the motorbike. You have to be very careful. You can do pop-a-wheelies with the tilt! Great fun. The demo is only one track, and you have a choice of two vehicle classes – motorbike or car.

    F1 Championship was cool too. But for some reason, everything looked a little skinny. Like when you watch an anamorphic DVD on a 4:3 display. Weird. But the triggers are not used for gas and breaks! That’s retarded. I hope they fix that. And no SIXAXIS tilt support, either, which is annoying.

    Playing BD movies works great. When you fast-forward in 1.5X mode, the audio still plays (sped up)!!! That’s so cool. Helps with getting over boring parts of the movie. When you put in a BD movie, you have to select it to play. But when you turn on the PS3 with a movie in it already, it starts up the movie.

    I downloaded the BlastFactor demo, and it’s pretty short. I don’t know if I’ll bother with this game, it didn’t grab my attention.

    I’m currently downloading Cash Guns Chaos DLX. (What’s the DLX for?) We’ll see how that goes.

    Emil: none of the games I played really cared about how hard you pressed a face button, so I can’t really comment on that. The use of tilt to steer vehicles in MotorStorm is a lot of fun.

    Pc: no I don’t know. I’m waiting for some word on this before buying a BlueTooth headset myself. I’m guessing somebody will do a rundown.

  • Jonathan

    Congrats!, but are you sure you want to keep the system? 😛 PS3’s are going for about 2k on eBay. 🙂

  • Rather

    Sounds rockin’! Hey, can someone come kick this chair out from under me? Thanks!!

  • hello my friend, i´m from Panama, and i wanna know where i can buy a ps3 online ?

    BTW congrats on your new gadget.

  • Hildergarn: I doubt you’d be able to find it online now. Try Amazon once some quantities are available.

    I tried Cash Guns Chaos, but got no sound!

  • Tom


    Co-incidentally I’ve now played every next-gen console except the PS3. The Wii was in my local mall while I was so I had a go. Whilst I was rubbish, it did look pretty fun. Hopefully some of the tilt concepts and functionality will make it to the PS3!

    Anyway, continue to enjoy Henning! I’m sitting here in the UK being damn jealous!

  • Robert

    I was shutout but have aquestion about movie playback. Does custom resolutions allow for any 2.35:1 aspect ratios. I doubt it but am curious?

  • Gary

    I have half a new kitchen so erm you win! The real big news is that you have just got your first cellphone!!! I got my first mobile phone 7 years ago my new one is pretty cool. Well done by the way!

  • congrats!!!!!

    since the sixaxis is bluetooth, i wonder if it can be used with a pc with bluetooth (like a laptop). it would probably need special (non-existent) drivers, i’m sure…

  • Darrin

    Awesome. Congratz Henning!

    Have you tested backward compatibility? Does it work?
    Do the racing games support PS2 USB steering wheels? Or any steering wheels?

  • Michael

    “Then I tried the webbrowser. A disappointment, there. The first website I visited, of course, was, and it looked like crap. Everything was all placed wrong, images weren’t scaled properly, etc. Yuck. I hope they fix this up.”

    Henning, I’m very happy for you that you were able to get a ps3. Keep the impressions coming, but regarding your site….it is messed up. That’s not because of the ps3 browse. Your site look the same way on my computer even since you added the big resistance screen shot a couple of days ago. It’s no biggie. I just thought I’d let you know,

  • hobbes

    ah!!! got a ps3 ordered on costco finally confirmation email and all.. sweetness.. hopefully have it in 1 week.

  • Martin Hansen

    Man… you are lucky. Does anybody know at what website you can register your PS3 nick? (for us europeans) Is it the same as

  • luke

    how is the sixaxis? do miss the rumble? is it that big of a deal? is it too light? does it feel “cheap”?

  • Martin Hansen

    How about that? I just answered my own question:


    “We’ve been trying to find out what’s going on regarding being able to register usernames online via the PlayStation Store (we were originally told this would be in operation worldwide today)
    All we’re being told at present is that the launch of this service has now been delayed – and that a new date will be confirmed shortly. We’ll keep you posted.”

  • Syriad

    im so glad that the racing games arent using the triggers for accelerate, i hate that on the 360, it just feels wrong and the buttons are much more pressure sensitive. Cant wait till March 2007 i just hope i can register my name soon because my 1st choice was taken for Xbox Live and even though its been inactive for 3 years they wont let me have it!

  • oh! another web browser question, if you have the time… could you surf over to and see what version of flash is reported? as a flash developer, i’m curious…

  • francois

    Congratulation Henning for getting one. Last night at 6pm, people already lined up in every store I visited, there was no chance I could get one of the few units available this morning.

  • ben

    anybody got NBA 2K7?


    I sent a friends request …. but I i’m not speacial !

  • I accepted it!

  • Robert: not sure what you mean. You want to specify a strange resolution? The PS3 would probably scale the black bars too. It can’t even scale 720p to 1080i, so I doubt it.

  • Darrin: I tested Champions of Norrath which worked fine. I also tested Frequency which which worked fine except that I think I was suffering from gaming lag. I had to make sure to tap the button on the leading edge of the note, not the middle. That’s NOT good!

  • luke: I didn’t think the controller felt cheap at all. It feels nice, and I like the triggers. It was lighter than the normal controller, sure, but not by THAT much. None of my friends last night remarked on the weight. The tilt is a lot of fun, but it takes some getting used to. Playing MotorStorm with it is a blast, but it really needs a sensitivity control, because it was too sensitive. And yes I do miss the rumble.

    Syriad: I don’t really understand how you could like a button better than a trigger for acceleration or braking, but to each his own.

    bunnyhero: I’m doing this from memory (I checked it last night), but I think it said Does that make sense? If not I can look again.

  • I have a 60 GB PS3 as well. My on-line ID is: xBerserker
    Sent me an invite if you want.

  • One other thing: the grass looks like crap in the F1 Championship demo. I mean it looks really really bad. Really bad. The road doesn’t look so good either. And I can’t shake the feeling that everything is squished.

  • Here are some pics of my 60 GB PS3 with a 160 GB hard drive installed! 🙂

  • I played the ps3 at my local target and i actually like the controller. Its light but very sturdy. When playing motorstorm, I missed the rumble a little, but with the big bass sounds coming from the speakers, the sound vibrations aided things a bit. I have never been a huge fan of vibration, most of the genre’s i like the most only used it in the most rudimentary of applications (fighting games, platformers, neither of which use it in any complex way).

    Unless there is something awfully special about a particular bluetooth headset, most run of the mill ones should work. What im wondering is since the PS3 supports usb keyboards and mice, does it support usb wireless keyboards and mice (they kind where you just plug the antennae into the usb ports.

    I also read on some other sites that the front faceplate is removeable, its simply a curved clip on sheet that covers another sheet of plastic containing the screw holes. I smell a mod coming on! I bet the first faceplate mod we see will be someone bringing back the ps2’s font for the ps3.

  • luke

    hey thanks for the info. no rumble definitely hurts, but i would never rule it out. the ps1 didnt have rumble at first either, so i definitely believe its still possible. hopefully before mgs4…

    A video I did after installing a 160 GB Hard drive into my PS3.

  • “Oop, MotorStorm just finished downloading (that didn’t take long – 11 minutes). Now it’s installing.”

    What exactly do you mean by installing? On a console?

  • I would think that some downloads are zipped up in some way. Made sense to me.

  • luke

    i was at best buy today and i played motorstorm and nba 07. i LOVED it. i kinda thought motorstorm would look a little better. seemed kinda rough around the edges, but it was still quite impressive. i liked the sixasis alot. the lack of rumble didnt bother me. steering the motorcycle with motion sensing was pretty hard.

  • mnm

    how did you get to download motorstorm demo so quik??…it took me 1 hour and for nba07 it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes

  • I have a fast cable modem. And, of course, a fast plan with Rogers. At the time it wasn’t any more expensive than the next plan, but I did have to buy modem. (If I remember correctly.)

  • Danke 😀

  • Joren

    I got my PS3 at this Gamestop on 12/28/06. I wanted the Wii and so I asked for the Wii. They said they were sold out so then I asked for any PS3’s. They ignored my answer, so I thought whatever. Then, I was just browing around to buy a game for my PS2 and then they came up to me and finally answered my question and said they had no PS3’s either. So I picked out my game. My dad was with me and he was asking what the difference is between the 20gb model and the 60gb model. All of a sudden they said they had the 60gb models in stock. The 60gb model was the one I was aiming for. For some reason I didn’t want to ask why they didn’t tell me that before. So I was there for an hour dealing with my dad. Our deal was for me to give him the all the money I have and work for him until I paid of the remainder. So I bought the PS3 and NBA 07. The game is fun and the PS3 is rockin’ tight. I’ll try and save up some more money to buy the Wii.

  • jonathan

    So you have the ps3? Well I come from Germany and as you know in Europe the PS3 release is on the 23rd of March 2007. I am planning to buy it. I wanted to ask you if you could give me your email so I can ask you some questions I need to know about the PS3
    THX! Just send an email to [email protected]

  • You can ask your questions here.