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My PS3 Pics |

So here is my home theater setup, with my PS3 in the component rack on the right.

Here’s a pic of my own personal PS3.

Sorry about the quality – these pics were taken with my cellphone camera.

  • Those are REALLY good if they came from a cellphone camera, im lucky to not get a blurry mess when I use my cellphone camera. Quite a nice setup, im sure that room generates quite a bit of heat.

  • manlord


  • Pc

    Yeah…..I wish i had your setup !!! Mine is pretty nice also, but i don’t have a hd tv. 🙁

  • Nice set up!

  • Gary

    Awsome! I would send you a pic of my new kitchen but this isn`t I`m looking forward to your in deph analysis of your experience with your shiny PS3.

  • Tom

    😮 Wow… that’s a great set-up! And if you think the quality of those pics is bad you should see what my phone does to snaps! Yuck!

  • Michael

    Alright, Henning!!! (clap, clap) Now, tell us all the details. Who makes the tv and the speakers? Sweet!! The ps3 is so gonna rock!! I just hope they can fix the 720p downscaling problem.

  • The TV is a Hitachi 57T500.
    The speakers are Linn 5120 and 5140’s. My pride and joy. I had to buy them used to be able to afford them, however.

  • Great! I hope that you havn’t had any problems with it? I am waiting before I get one to see if there are any potential hardware problems with any of the units. Most of what I’ve heard so far is about software which is great because that’s always updatable!

  • luke

    i’m glad you said it was a hitachi because i saw a very good deal on one today, but i wasnt certain its quality. so henning maybe you can give me some info. only problem is it’s not 1080p, which i would like to have.

  • Sam

    Hi! Can you please help me with this HD issue, as I’m just learning. Here goes:

    I’m setting up my ps3 on an HDTV which supports 480, 720p, and 1080i. I hooked up the ps3 to my TV with an HDMI (Monster 800) cable…

    When turning the ps3 on, and doing the configuring, it recognizes the tv’s display settings, and sets the ps3 to a resolution of 720p.

    Here I am confused. Shouldn’t the console be taking advantage of the higher 1080i resolution? Or is the progressive 720p resolution considered to be optimal?

    Should I go back and manually set the ps3 to 1080i, or just leave it alone?
    If I do leave it alone as 720p, are high end component cables better to use than an HDMI cable?

    And finally, how would these decesions impact my blue-ray playback quality?

    Many thanks for the help.

  • Sam: my TV supports the same input resolutions, and I set it to 720p. Why? Because the PS3 has a limitation where it can’t upscale a 720p source to 1080i. So it’ll downconvert to 480p instead. That’s not what you want. Just set the output to 720p and you should be fine. That’s what I do. You’re not really missing out on much anyway, unless you figure the PS3’s upscaler would have been better than your TV’s.

    HDMI isn’t that much of an advantage over component video (if any) if your TV is analog, like a CRT. It needs to convert the signal back to analog anyway. HDMI is nice if your display is digital (like DLP) because then the signal never has to get converted to and from analog. But the best way to find out is to try it. Pick up some component cables at Best Buy, try them out, and if you don’t think they’re better, return them.

    I use Blu-ray playback over my 720p connection, and it looks great. This is one reason why you might want to stick with HDMI instead of component. HDMI supports HDCP, so any movies with the ICT flag enabled will still play at full resolution for you. You won’t get that with component video cables. So far, there are no known movies with the ICT flag enabled, however. But they’ll come…

  • Sam

    Wow! What a great response Henning, thanks so much! I’ve combed the entire internet looking for this answer and now I have it.

    My TV is a 42″ flat panel plasma, so while I don’t think that means its a CRT, I also don’t know if that means its digital. Here’s the link to the product…


    If it is digital, would you agree that I should stick with HDMI? Sorry to be such a pest, I promise I’ll shut up after this one…..maybe

    Cheers, and thanks again for the help

  • I’d stick with HDMI. But if you can return your Monster cable, I would. You must have paid a pretty penny for that, and you can get good HDMI cables for much much cheaper at or

  • I wouldnt have thought, that my speakers are bigger than yours 😀

    I have (pretty old, but VERY good) Grundig HiFidelity 3000 (ex German HiFi producer).

    But, my tv is smaller, but large enough for me 😀

  • Sam

    Thanks for the tip Henning, I picked up two HDMI cables and a much needed HDMI switch for less than the price of that Monster cable. Awesome, and I love the site. Cheers 🙂

  • greg

    hey sup? i have a 50 inch sony grand wega lcd tv,hdtv hooked up with a hd reciever from direct tv and my surronds sounds is a sony theather thingy its good. but my question is do i nedd to buy a hdmi cable for my ps3?? and my other question is how can i hook up my ps3 too a sony hometheather reciever? please help!!!