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I still like it! Yesterday I hooked up an HDMI cable to it, and that works fine. Note that I have a DVI/HDCP input on my television, and it works fine with my PS3 for both games and music. Luckily my TV has a priority sensing system – one component connector shares an input with the DVI input. So my DVR is hooked up to the comonent input, and the PS3 to the DVI. Normally I watch HDTV from my DVR through the component input. But when I turn on the PS3, I magically see the PS3 video.

I hooked up a new optical cable to the PS3, and that’s how I get my audio. Works quite well. The only problem is that every once in a while the audio drops out. I first noticed this with a downloadable demo game, but have since found this to be a problem with other sources as well. It seems to be random. It’s happened three times now, and I have to turn off the PS3 to get my audio back. Hmm. Actually, I haven’t tried fiddling with the audio settings. I should try that next time it happens.

I have a CD in there now, and the visualizer is pretty cool. I wish it had more options though. You can continue listening to music while browsing the web. But the music stops if you enter the Online Store.

I have a couple complaints about the PS3, actually. I am writing them up so that you may know about them, but don’t get me wrong – I like my PS3, and I’m glad I bought it.

So, right. There’s the audio problem. What else?

Supposedly video clips are supposed to show a little preview when browsing them. But I don’t get that, and I can’t figure out how to turn it on.

I tried out two PS2 games, and they both mostly worked fine. There seems to be some gaming lag, however. It was hard to time the button presses when playing Frequency. I had to make sure to time my button presses with the leading edge of the notes, not in the middle. I’ve been trying to find a memory card adapter, but none are available in the stores.

You can turn off the system and/or controller from the controller. You can turn off individual controllers by holding down the PS button, then choosing “Turn Off Controller” from the menu. But it would be nice to be able to turn off the controller without having to use the PS3.

I wish I could upload my own avatar. The list of available ones isn’t that great.

But what I don’t like the most isn’t to do with the PS3 itself. It’s the fact that Call of Duty 3 doesn’t support local multiplayer. That really ticks me off.

Even though IGN got their PS3 to see their iPod, I had no such luck. I hook it up and nothing happens. The iPod thinks it’s plugged in, but I get nothing on the PS3 end. Anybody else have any luck?

[Edit: an whatever happened to getting to the XMB menu during a game? That functionality isn’t there, though I’m pretty sure I saw a video of that at one point.]

  • manlord

    Have you tried to press triangle and select “browse all/device” ?.

  • the audio – can’t be a system wide problem. it’s either a small glitch or maybe something in the settings or connections with the cable themselves? (odd seeing you are using digital)

    video clips – im guessing you are missing an option here some how. no biggie.

    ps2 game lag – firmware update will fix this just fine

    controller issue – i read this and re-read it a few times. I don’t understand what you are saying.

    avatar – the avatar thing will be fixed soon enough. Either with a firmware update or with the new eyetoy. Either way, no biggie. Unless they are all really, really ugly to you.

    COD3 Lan issue – this would seem like a dev. issue right? But it’s weird seeing the 360 version has support for it and the lazy dev. would basically have the same basic functions on both systems. So that leads me to believe that it may be harder to develop lan support on the ps3? But that in itself sounds ridiculous. Maybe it’s slightly harder and the game was rushed for launch? Either way, this pretty much takes the PS3 verison of cod3 out of professional gaming. (Not a biggie for you, but it inadverteningly [sp?] effects us all.)

  • Controller: if my PS3 is off, how do I turn off a controller that’s still on?

    CoD3: I wasn’t talking about LAN play. I was talking about local splitscreen multiplayer. There’s no support for that. CoD3 does support internet play.

  • I don’t see any option for “Browse All” when I hit triangle.

  • I tried my iPod nano no luck either. And about the XMB coming up during gameplay, I was a little bummed about that to, oh well. Maybe with a future update.

  • Well, most of your issues, are either dealing with settings you havnt found, or something that can easily be fixed in a firmware update. Sony’s software division is going to have A LOT of eyes on it in the coming months. Looking at what they choose to fix, what they forgot to address, what they are and arent aware of as being a problem. Its going to be rough on those guys.


    you dudes need to call me my ipod download in about 5 mins, it got the music not the name or titles

  • TommyGun090

    Hey Henning. Have u tried using remote play with a PSP? I really want to know what its like?

  • Today I got my PS3 to work with my wife’s iPod. It works, but just barely. Lots of the music filenames were garbage. Ah well. At least I know my PS3 can see iPods.

    As far as Remote Play with the PSP goes, we have to wait for the PSP 3.0 firmware update for that. A reader (Paul) pointed out that the manual for that is now online.

    PSP 3.0 Firmware Manual